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HeliRussia 2018 features a variety of MRO companies


A wide range of helicopter servicing companies will be presented at the expo.

First show of the new Russian light helicopter to take place at HeliRussia 2018


New Russian light single based on S-52 to be showcased in May

New ultralight Micron helicopter to be on display at HeliRussia 2018


Среди спектра новинок юбилейной выставки HeliRussia в прошлом году особое внимание посетителей привлек опытный образец сверхлегкого вертолета «Микрон» с соосной схемой несущих винтов. Разработчик модели, компания «РД-ХЕЛИ», в течение прошедшего года активно работала над совершенствованием конструкции своего летательного аппарата и в рамках выставки HeliRussia 2018 представит новую версию «Микрона».

Helicopter engine building in focus at HeliRussia 2018


Aircraft engine building is one of the most innovative and complex areas of helicopter industry and aerospace in general. New aircraft engines tech R&D can sometimes be a stimulus for general technologies progress. Considering this, the HeliRussia 2018 expo to turn special attention to helicopter engines.

100 days left before HeliRussia 2018


It is only 100 left before the opening of the 11th International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia 2018 – the expo will start on May 24 in Moscow at Crocus Expo IEC and will be held for three days.

HeliRussia 2018 to show the “Beauty of rotary-wing machines”


The 11th International helicopter industry exhibition will feature the best images of the industry’s photo and the winners will be awarded.

HeliRussia 2018: new venue and new horizons


This year, the expo celebrated its 10th anniversary, and next year the 11th HeliRussia to be held at a new venue from 24 to 26 May.

HeliRussia 2017: Impressive Results from the Anniversary Expo


С 25 по 27 мая этого года в Москве прошла юбилейная 10-я выставка, которая запомнилась участникам и гостям грандиозным масштабом, а также обилием новостей и событий. Посетителями выставки стали свыше 12.000 человек.

10th anniversary International helicopter industry exhibition HeliRussia 2017 highlights


HeliRussia 2017 will be an interesting, rich in events and diversified exhibition. It will be fruitful both for aviation professionals and amateurs and for people interested in the development of aerospace technologies.

A line-up of various helicopter engines to be showcased at HeliRussia 2017


Modern line-up of rotorcraft engines, their systems and aftersales programs to be showcased at the 10th anniversary HeliRussia 2017 expo to highlight new developments in this industry.