10-12 июня

«UAS and manned aircraft — the opposition or the single system?»

The event is a part of the «Industry of Unmanned Aircraft Systems» Conference 

Crocus Expo IEC,  Conference hall №4, pavilion №1

May 20, 14:30 — 17:00 


Moderators: V. Tyurin (AOPA-Russia, President) Y. Chernyshov (Senior Engineer of «GosNIIAS») and Y. Chernyshev, Lead Engineer at «GosNIIAS».

Speakers and topics:

V. Tyurin., AOPA-Russia, President:

UAV access to the civil airspace.

D. Kosolapov, Deputy Director for Air Traffic Organization, IATA:

IATA view on the UAV admission to the civil airspace.

L. Shcherbakov, Chairman of the Committee of the Russian Association of Air Transport Operators’ Navigation Services:

Russian Association of Air Transport Operators’s view on the UAV admission to the civil airspace.

Y. Tokarev, Head of department of the Federal Air Transport Agency:

Existing and planned procedures for the UAV admission to the civil airspace.

M. Kanevsky, first deputy chairman of the Union of Air Navigation of the Russian Aircraft Manufacturers Union, Executive Director of the «International air navigation systems»:

Ways of remote-controlled UAV integration to the civil airspace based on LPD 1090ES technology.

A. Anikin, Technical Director of the of unmanned aircraft systems department at «GLONASS»:

Problems of integration of small unmanned systems in the Russian airspace.

V. Davydov, Dronex company:

Forced external control for the air traffic management.

Y. Zakharchenko, Head of Research Department №2-12 at TsAGI:

Future UAV deactivation systems.

Yumaev K., head od department at New Information Technologies in Aviation, LLC

The ground control system for UAV.

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