10-12 июня

Sergey Mikheev


Dear friends!

I congratulate you on the start of the International helicopter industry exhibition!

For 10 years the expo is not only the main event in Russian helicopter industry, but also is an excellent example of intersectional and international cooperation. Leading international companies showcase their new milestones in the aerospace industry on the expo each year, but what is encouraging, Russian manufacturers of helicopters and helicopter equipment plays a key role. The expo gives a clear example that Russian helicopter industry does not fall behind the world’s trends and in many ways shapes the future of helicopter industry.

For many years it was in the USSR and then Russia, where breakthrough helicopter industry developments were introduced. I am especially pleased to see that those designs, technologies and research potential have not been lost and continues to be introduced and developed.

I wish you to continue contributing to empowering the Russian helicopter industry, to extend the work of our great designers and to develop domestic rotorcraft technologies.


Sergey Mikheev

General Designer,

Kamov Design Bureau

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