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Post Release: First International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia 2008

Russian and foreign companies presented their bestsellers and latest products in all aspects of helicopter industry: from design and manufacture to operation on 10 750 square meters of the first pavilion of modern IEC “Crocus Expo” from May 15 till 17, 2008.

129 companies took part in the exhibition, 22 of them are from foreign countries: United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, USA, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Ukraine and Belarus.

20 helicopters were displayed at the exhibition from the manufacturers such as: Mil Helicopter plant, Kamov, Kazan, Eurocopter, AgustaWestland, Bell Helicopters, Robinson, MD.

The initiator of the exhibition holding in Moscow was Helicopter Industry Association. The organizer of the show was Russian Federal Agency of Industry. The exhibition was organized with the support from the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation. Deputy Minister for Industry and Energy — Denis Manturov became a convenor of the exhibition.

The telegrams and letters of congratulation for the participant and organizer were received from the Chairman of the Federal Council of the Russian Federation — Sergei Mironov, President’s Aid Sergey Prihodko, and Deputy Chief of the Russian Government Staff – Igor Borovkov.

The President of Russian Federation Dmitriy Medvedev has sent his greetings to the organizer and participants of the first International helicopter industry exhibition, which was read out at the official opening ceremony.

Official opening ceremony of the exhibition took place on May 15, 2008 at 3 pm in the first pavilion and was represented by:

  • Vice prime minister — Sergei Ivanov
  • Deputy Minister for Industry and Energy — Denis Manturov
  • Oboronprom’s General Director – Andrey Reus
  • Chairman of Helicopter Industry Association — Mikhail Kazachkov
  • Consultant for Sikorsky Aircraft – Sergei Sikorsky
  • And other officials

The helicopter industry development is one of the top-priority tasks for the government at the moment, stated the RF Government’s Vice Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov.

“A country, like Russia, can not cope without helicopters. The remote locations with no access to roads or river can only be reached by helicopter. There are still many locations like these”, — said Vice Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov, while opening the first in Russia Helicopter Industry Exhibition HELIRUSSIA 2008. According to Mr. Ivanov, the fact that the exhibition took place means that the Government of Russia pays more and more attention to this highly important industry and that the Government hopes that “Helicopters of Russia” Corporation “will increase helicopter manufacturing rapidly”. According to him, civil helicopters are in high demand at the moment. Besides, the private helicopter market is absolutely untapped. He also hopes that Helirussia 2008 will spark helicopter market development, because helicopter industry development “enhances the whole hi-tech industry”.

Deputy Minister for Industry and Energy Denis Manturov while giving speech during opening ceremony said that at this moment a long-term program of Russian helicopter industry development is currently being worked out.

“We are expecting a private investors to spend around 150 billion rubles to implement this program“, — he said.

Oboronprom’s General Director Andrey Reus, in his turn, noticed that the today’s success in the helicopter industry consolidation is an important result.

According Andrey Reus, helicopters are one of few Russian products that operate in more than 70 countries.

“We have so called “vehicle access” theory, helicopters should play an important role and in its practical implementation”, — said Andrey Reus.

In conclusion, Sergei Sikorsky, member of famous dynasty, said his kind parting words for the first International Helicopter Industry Exhibition, cited Mikhail Mil that “God created Russia for helicopters”.

The HeliRussia 2008 exhibition opening was marked by Memorandum of Understanding signing between Russian and Canadian companies. The agreement was signed by General director of “Helicopters of Russia”, Pratt&Whitney Canada’s VP Joseph Torchetti, “UMPO” General director Alexander Artyukhov and Central Institute of Aircraft Engines Director Vladimir Skibin. The Agreement is aimed at design and manufacture of PW127T/S engine for Mi-38 helicopter. Mi-38’s putting on production is scheduled in 2012.

The agreement about full scale partnership between “Helicopters of Russia” and AgustaWestland was signed at the exhibition. First stage of the partnership is AgustaWestland helicopters delivery to Russia to the amount of half million euro until 2012. Next stages assume creation of joint venture service centers for AgustaWestland helicopters, and at the latest stage AgustaWestland helicopters joint manufacture in Russia.

The main events of celebrating 60th anniversary coaxial helicopter manufacturer – Kamov.

Memorandum of Understanding was signed at HeliRussia 2008 between “Helicopters of Russia”, Kamov and Naryan-Mar United Avia Squad regarding 5 Ka-62 helicopters supply by 2012. Similar Memorandum of Understanding was signed by aerospace company “Aviashelf”. This agreement supposes supply of 4 Ka-62 helicopters which will be used for personnel transportation to the oil wells and other tasks in Sakhalin Region.

Many agreements were reached and many contracts were signed between exhibition participants. For example, a helicopter loud-speakers supply contract was signed between “Nebo-service” and Ukrainian Border Air Patrol. An Agreement was also reached with Kazan Helicopter Plant about possibility of Nebo Service’s new equipment use. “TechKnow” signed an instrumentation and metrology equipment supply contract with “Aeropribor Voskhod”.

A Busy Business program was organized at HeliRussia 2008. The main event of the business program was the Personnel Forum and, as a part of it, Personnel training system for helicopter sector Conference. Job market also was working during the show days, where companies offered their job positions. Minpromenergo Expert Club held its first master class for executives of aircraft engineering enterprises and designers – “Aircraft Design”.

Military Academy of Russian Armed Forces General Staff and Military-Scientific Committee of Air Forces held a round table discussion – “Development of helicopter complexes for public aviation: problems and ways of their solution” with members of major tactics department of Air Forces as spokespersons.

International workshop — “Employment of advanced technologies and an integral approach to heliport equipment as a way to successful development of the Russian heliports. Trends in heliport development in the USA and Europe” and round table discussion – “Safety of and health care for flight personnel and technical staff of helicopter operator, manufacture and repair enterprises. Employment of advanced personal safety equipment” took place during the exhibition. A “flight operation problems of the home- and foreign-made helicopters” conference was interested for all the exhibition visitors and as is the case with round table discussion “VIP-type helicopter”.

Presentation of the different models of helicopters made by OJSC Russian Helicopters took place at the first International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia 2008. Turbomeca held its presentation on the occasion of 70th Anniversary and Sergei Sikorsky told the story of his father achievements at the “Recollections of The Pioneer” presentation.

Organizers and participants of the exhibition think that the first International Helicopter Industry Exhibition was a success. For example, the general director of OJSC Russian Helicopters Andrey Shibitov, talking about the results of the exhibition, said – “I think that the exhibition was successful. Russian Helicopter industry needs such show. We support the idea of exhibition being international and attracted the best helicopter companies of the world.”

During 3 days, the exhibition was attended by approximately 10 000 people. Among them the notable politicians and officials of Russian and other countries, foreign military department representatives and also businessmen and helicopter sport fans. There were many public visitors exploring the insides of cabins of displayed helicopters.

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