10-12 июня

Exhibitors of Helirussia 2012

  Company Company profile
Germany 4Rotors Magazine
ch Aerolite Max Bucher AG Medical Equipment for Helicopter and Aircraft
Germany AirRescue Magazine
Italy AgustaWestland Design & manufacture of helicopters
Poland Ankol Aicraft and helicopter bearings
Lithuania Aviacijos Pasaulis Magazine
US Avidyne Corporation Avionics
US Bell Helicopter Helicopter Manufacturer
US BAE Systems Aircraft Seating
US Breeze-Eastern Corporation Rescue Hoists, Cargo Winch, Tie Downs
France BUREAU VERITAS Regulatory Assistance, Coaching, Training
Canada CAE Training & Simulation
France Germany Cassidian Aviation systems, pattern recognition and tracking, secure communications, test systems and service
Copterline Helicopter operation, shedule passenger route flights, pilot training, maintenance services
France Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Seine-et-Marne Aerospace
France COBHAM Helicopters interior and equipment manufacturers
US UK Curtiss Wright Controls Avionics & Elecronics Aerospace avionic and control equipment
Британские Виргинские Острова Exclases Holdings Ltd. Distributor of AgustaWestland in Russia & CIS
US DAC Intl Avionics
Sweden Flight Crew Training Sweden AB Pilot & Mechanic Training Sweden AB
France FRANCE ETUVES Designer & Manufacturer of Laboratory and Industrial Ovens
Germany GERMTECH OHG Exclusive dealer of the German company Breezer Aircraft in Russia
France Goodrich Actuation Systems Actuation Systems
UK H+S Aviation Maintenance repair & overhaul services
US Helicopter Association International Association
France Helicopter Europe Magazine
France HUTCHINSON AEROSPACE Aircraft Systems
US Kamatics RWG KFLEX Driveshafts — selflubricated bearings
LOM PRAHA Maintenance, repairs, modernization and general overhauls of Mi-type helicopters and its components
MKU Pvt. Ltd. Manufacturer and Supplier of Personal Protection & Surveillance Equipment
US Russia Pall Corporation High-tech filtration & separation solutions
Sweden Patria Helicopters Helicopter Maintenance
France PERMASWAGE Fluid Fittings Technology for the Aerosrace&Defense Industry
US Rotor&Wing Magazine
France Sagem Defence Securite Aerospace and defence
Canada SEI INDUSTRIES Ltd. Aerial Firefighting
US Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation Design & manufacture of helicopters
US Simplex Aerospace Helicopter Mission Equipment
Canada SkyTrac Systems Ltd. SatCom solutions for data, text and voice communications
US Russia Trace Worldwide Corporation Representation for aviation manufacturers, export management,engineering,technical services for aviation products
France Turbomeca Safran Group Design & manufacture of gas turbines
US United Rotorcraft — An Air Methods Division Air Medical Transport Equipment
US Vertical Magazine
Columbia Vertical De Aviacion SAS Operation & overhaul of MI-8 type helicopters
ITP Group Engine Maintenance, Repair & Overhall Services
Repablic of Belarus 558 Aircraft Repair Plant, JSC Aircraft equipment repair & upgrade
Repablic of Belarus Orsha Aircraft Repair Plant, PLC Aircraft and equipment repair 
Azovmash, JSC Production of aircraft tankers
Ivchenko Progress State Enterprise Design,manufacture,test and development of APU and aircraft engines
Motor Sich, JSC Aircraft engines design & manufacture
Rotor East, LLC Aircraft sales & maintenance
VECTOR, State Corporation Organization and conducting international exhibitions 
Russia AEGE-AERO, LLC Delivery & service maintenance of airfield equipment
Russia Aeropribor-Voskhod, JSC Aviation equipment design & manufacture
Russia Aerosouz Helicopter sales, maintenance and operation
Russia Aerospace Courier Magazine
Russia Aerospace Review Magazine
Russia AEROSVET Lighting equipment
Russia AeroTrading, LLC Light-signal equipment
Russia Agregat Reseach & Production Association, LLC Design, manufacture and testing of filtration equipment & equipment for oil products supply
Russia Aircraft Engineering Concern, JSC Airborne instrument-making
Russia Air Transport Observer Magazine
Russia Air Transport of Civil Aviation Magazine
Russia Aktek XXI, LLC Sales of electronic diagnostic equipment
Russia ALTITUDES Russia Magazine
Russia AutoGyroRussland Gyrocopters
Russia Aviaagregat, JSC Racks producer
Russia Avia-Oil Company Fuel supply
Russia Avia-FED-Service, LLC Maintenance, repair & manufacture of aircraft parts and components
Russia Aviaglobus Magazine
Russia AVIAHELP GROUP, CJSC Spares supply and maintenance, ground support equipment and spares supply
Russia Aviakom LLC, Research & Production Enterprise Aviation equipment design & manufacture
Russia AVIAMARKET Pilot Training, Helicopter sales & maintenance
Russia Aviapanorama Magazine
Russia AviaPort Internet portal
Russia Aviasoyz Magazine
Russia Aviation and Sport Magazine
Russia Aviation Equipment Concern, JSC Design & manufacture of aircraft systems and components
Russia Aviation Electronic and Communication Systems, JSC Airborne instrument-making
Russia Aviations.ru Aviation internet portal
Russia Aviatrisa Women Pilots Club
Russia AVIOM Aviation equipment and matherials
Russia Avionica, JSC Airborne instrument-making
Russia ARMS TASS Information agency
Russia Bee Pitron Electric, CJSC Advanced engineering solutions
Russia BETA AIR, CJSC Manufacture of test equipment
Russia Bike City, LLC Distributer of BROMPTON and Mobiky in Russia
Russia Business FM Business radio
Russia Center Admicor, LLC Delivery of Aeroshell products, mini fuel systems
Russia Cetus Group, LLC Sale of Aviation Spare Parts & Pilot Accessories
Russia Company PVR, LLC Manufacture of ground power units
Russia DiaWorld, LLC Supply & service of the compact electro-optical airborne systems
Russia Dinamika, Center of scientific and technical service Development & manufacture of simulators
Russia EGO TRANSLATING Translating company
Russia Eurocopter Vostok Helicopter sales and maintenance
Russia ELECTROSIGNAL Corporation Design and manufacture of radio communacators
Russia ElTom RPE, JSC Development and a serial production of secondary power supplies
Russia Equinet, LLC Aircraft equipment manufacturer and supplier
Russia EST «Vzlet», JSC Engineering works on testing of radio-electronic equipment
Russia Exprimo Translating company
Russia Federation of Helicopter Sport of Russia Helicopter Sport
Russia FL-Systems, Ltd. Sales of video surveillance systems
Russia Gorkov Plant of Communication Equipment n.a. A.S.Popov, JSC Design & manufacture of ground and airborne aviation radio communication equipment 
Russia GosNIIAS, State Research Institute  Civil Aviation Avionics
Russia GYROOPTICS, JSC Airborne instrument-making
Russia HALTEC Company Delivery of tools,tooling systems,equipment & engineering work
Russia Helicopter Industry Magazine
Russia Helicopter Industry Association Association
Russia Helicopter Service Company, JSC Service center
Russia HeliExpress, JSC Passenger transport service
Russia Independent Military Review Newspaper
Russia Industrial Automatics Design Bureau, JSC Automatic navigation & flight control systems
Russia Ingosstrach,JSC Insurance company
Russia INILAB, LLC Solutions and equipment for heliports and airports
Russia INTERFAX-AVN Military News Agency
Russia Institute of Aircraft Equipment, JSC Airborne instrument-making
Russia International Aeronavigation Systems Company Aeronavugation Systems & Flight Safety Systems 
Russia INGSTROYEXPERT, CJSC Design, civil works and equipment for heliports, airports, cargo terminals and other infrastructure projects
Russia ISET Plant, JSC Design and manufacture of electrical connectors for aviation and space industries
Russia Jet Transfer Bell Helicopter representative in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine
Russia John Douglas Club, LLC Sales of Aviation wear and accessories
Russia Kazan Helicopters, JSC Helicopter design and manufacture
Russia Kamov, JSC Helicopter design and manufacture
Russia Kamov-Service, LLC Helicopter repair and maintenance
Russia Kazan State Technical University Training center
Russia Klimov Company Design & manufacture of gas turbines
Russia Kontur-NIIRS, LLC Design & manufacture of airborne and ground radars
Russia Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise, JSC Helicopter manufacturer
Russia Kursk Pribor, JSC Airborne instrument-making
Russia Maslov Design Bureau Helicopter design and manufacture
Russia MicroART, LLC Production & Sales of multifunctional self-contained converters
Russia Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, JSC Helicopter design and manufacture
Russia Military Parade Magazine
Russia Military & Industry Courier Newspaper
Russia Modernisation of Aviation Complexes , LLC Development & manufacture of aviation simulators
Russia Monitor Soft, LLC Navigation systems
Russia Moscow Aviation Institute Training center
Russia Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation Training center
Russia National Defence Magazine
Russia NEBO- Service,LLC Spare parts, avionics sales
Russia NELK Company, Research & Production Center Unmanned systems, equipment for information protection, automated radio control systems
Russia New Defence Order. Strategy Magazine
Russia NITA Company, LLC Airport equipment
Russia Novosibirsk Aircraft Repairing Plant, JSC Overhaul&maintenance of helicopters
Russia Novosibirsk Plant Electrosignal, JSC Communication, border control surveillance, production of airborne radio stations 
Russia Omsk Flight-Technical College named after A.V.Ljapidevsky  Training Center
Russia OPK OBORONPROM, JSC Machinebuilding/Aircraftbuilding 
Russia PANH, JSC Air company
Russia Pergam-Engineering, JSC Delivery of diagnostic and industrial equipment
Russia Pilot TV Internet Television
Russia PMZ Voskhod, JSC Development and manufacture of electro-hydraulic actuators and equipment
Russia Polyot JSC, Research & Production Enterprise Aviation radio equipment
Russia Pribor Reseach & Production Association, JSC Airborne instrument-making
Russia PRIMA LLC, Research & Production Enterprise Design & production of aeronautical radio communication equipment
Russia Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company, JSC, named after N. I. Sazykin Aircraft manufacture, repair, parts
Russia Reduktor-PM, JSC Manufacture & repair of main gearboxes & transmissions for Mi  helicopters
Russia Rosoboronexport, State Corporation Authorized supplier of defense-related & dual-use products, technologies , services
Russia Rostvertol, JSC Helicopter design and manufacture
Russia RUMAS Group Design & manufacture of helicopters
Russia RussianAvia.net Information Portal
Russia Russian Helicopters, JSC Manufacture of helicopters
Russia Russian Helicopter Systems, CJSC Helicopter sales, service and operation
Russia Ryazan State Instrument-making Enterprise, JSC Helicopter Avionics
Russia Saint-Petersburg Experimental DB “Electroavtomatika” named after P.A.Efimov Airborne instrument-making
Russia Sarapul Electric Generators, JSC Production of aviation and helicopter equipment, generators and lighting engineering 
Russia SatRanner, LLC Design and manufacture of equipment for aircrafts monitoring based on Glonass/GPS
Russia Science & Technics Magazine
Russia Show Observer HeliRussia Magazine
Russia Siberian Leasing Company, LLC Leasing, Investments
Russia Signal Engels Design Bureau named after A.I.Glukharev, JSC Design and manufacture of instruments for airspace industry
Russia Soglassye, LLC Insurance Company
Russia Sovtest ATE Equipment for electronics production
Russia Soyuzavia, LLC Delivery of spare parts, aircraft sales and leasing
Russia Special Economic Zones, JSC. Branch in Ulyanovsk Area Airport Special Economic Zone
Russia State Scientific-Research Institute of Civil Aviation, Federal State Unitary Enterprise Maintenance work on the introduction into service of aircraft
Russia Stupino Machine Production Plant, JSC Helicopter frames and equipment manufacturer 
Russia Swatch Group RUS Sales of watch & jewelry
Russia Take-off Magazine
Russia Technoavia Special clothes production & sales
Russia TekKnow, CJSC Metrology and controlling&measuring equipment supply
Russia TOP FLIGHT Magazine
Russia TRANSAS (TRANsport Safety Systems), CJSC Avionics, simulators
Russia TsAGI Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute
Russia Utair Aviation, JSC Passenger transportations, helicopter operations
Russia Ulan-Ude Aircraft Repair Plant, JSC Certified repair & maintenance of Mi-8 helicopters
Russia Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, JSC Helicopter and spare parts manufacturer 
Russia Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau, PJSC Airborne instrument-making
Russia United Engine Corporation, Ltd Design & manufacture of turbine engines
Russia Ufa Engine Industrial Association, JSC Manufacture, maintenace & repair of aircraft engines
Russia Ufa Instrument-Making Production Association, FSUE Autopilots, Automatic Control Systems, Flight control complexes
Russia URALHELICOM Helicopters sales & maintenance, technical training
Russia Ural Works of Civil Aviation, JSC Repair&overhaul of aviation engines
Russia Ural Optical & Mechanical Plant Development & manufacture of optronic equipment for military & civil applications
Russia Ural Instrument-Engineering Plant, JSC Gyroscopic Aircraft Instruments and Equipment
Russia Utair Aviation, JSC Passenger transportations, helicopter operations
Russia Utair-Engineering, JSC Aircraft repair and maintenance
Russia Vertolet Magazine
Russia VNIIRA-NAVIGATOR, CJSC Designer of landing, navigation and flight control equipment
Russia Vpered Moscow Machine-Building Plant, JSC Helicopter manufacturer
Russia Vzlet Research & Production Association, JSC Aviation works, aerial transportation
Russia Zhigulyovsky Radiozavod, JSC Navigating systems of aircrafts and testing equipment
Russia Zvezda, JSC named after Academician G.I. Severin Aviaspace
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