June 10-12

Participants of HeliRussia 2024

Field of activity
Ready-made solutions for businesses using unmanned aerial technologies
The leading edition of the Defense industry
Supply and repair of aviation equipment
operational and periodic maintenance of aircrafts
Business Aviation Portal
Best job vacancies and professionals in aviation
Development and production of aviation radio communication equipment, search and rescue equipment, control and verification equipment for radio communications, as well as cable products for aviation and special ground equipment
Spares supply and maintenance, ground support equipment and spares supply
International aero-spacial magazine
An industry agency providing information services for business support in the aviation industry
Industry magazine
Repair and supply of equipment for helicopters
Design and manufacture of testing equipment for helicopters and aircraft
Business Aviation Internet Portal
The main industrial portal
The magazine "Business Russia: Industry, Transport, social Life" covers a wide range of economic topics
Innovative software integrator and developer of robotic systems. CELERI is a control complex for a group of drones
Specialized analytical magazine
Developer and manufacturer of aviation equipment, vehicles, cable products and VIV.
Development and production of highly integrated microwave equipment
The company is engaged in the serial production of industrial polymer 3D printers and large-scale printing of equipment
Industrial labeling solutions: production of industrial quality labels, wire and cable labeling products, cable protection, insulation and sealing products
additional professional education (advanced training) of specialists in aircraft maintenance and ground handling
The only Russian developer and manufacturer of airborne navigation and landing equipment
Development, manufacturing and introduction of automated systems for meteorological support to various industries
Business aviation portal
Provides advanced training technologies and offers highly-competitive education with a strong base for conducting scientific research and making cutting-edge inventions. Outside of the formal activities the students are involved in a sports and cultural life full of exciting events
Mil Mi-8/17 helicopters upgrade center & design bureau. The manufacturer of Auxiliary External Fuel Tanks and Emergency Flotation System
Development and production of airborne and ground weather navigation radars
Development and production of electronic equipment for transport, military transport, civil aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles
Development of responsible oils for both the aviation and helicopter industries, as well as for the needs of energy companies
Barrage lights of flight zones and high-rise buildings, signal lights of taxiways, glide lights, lighting of special vehicles
VIP interiors of vehicles
We create the technologies to shape the future, and we train teams and leaders of change
Branch electrotechnical portal
developer and manufacturer electronics, RF-modules, MMIC for radars and telecommunications, and also multifunctional radars, navigation and communication systems for helicopters and aircrafts
A domestic manufacturer of heat-shrinkable cable and harness fittings for civil, special and military purposes
Manufacturer of life support systems for aircraft, helicopters and manned spacecraft
Business edition and web portal
Development and production of engines for unmanned aircraft systems, satellite navigation equipment and satellite navigation monitoring systems
National industry magazine
Aircraft repair and modernization
Industry Information Agency
Development and production of aviation air, ground and marine radio communication equipment
Vertically integrated Titanium manufacturer
Information and analytical journal
The official publication of the Union of Transport Workers of Russia
Russian defence export
everything you wanted to know about Russian civil and military aviation, helicopters, unmanned aerial systems, aircraft engine construction
Development and production of paint and varnish materials for painting all types of aviation equipment
Foundry and press production
Development and manufacture of cable products for use in extreme conditions: aviation, space, radioelectronic, oil and gas industries and the military-industrial complex
Manufacturer and supplier of special lubricants for aviation, rocket and space technology and gas pumping units
develops multi-rotor and airplane-type UAVs
National Aerospace Journal
Producer of a wide range of 3D printers and related products
Coverage of the activities of the transport complex of the Russian Federation
The All-Russian Transport weekly information and analytical newspaper is the official publication of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation
Federal Business Journal
(part of the Rostec State Corporation) is an integrated structure specializing in the development, production and maintenance of engines for combat and civil aviation, space programs, naval and civil fleets, and the fuel and energy complex
Provides wide range of services for the development and production of unmanned aerial systems of helicopter and aircraft types
World leader in maintenance and overhaul of Russian helicopters
The largest helicopter operator in Russia and one of the leaders of the world helicopter business
Designs and develops a new mode of civil transport which is fully autonomous cargo helicopter drones, or cargo helicopter-type unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)
National Aviation Magazine
Industry media partners