May 20-22

Moscow, Crocus Expo

Participants of HeliRussia 2021

Field of activity
Carries out production, maintenance, repair and modernization airfield and aviation ground radio stations, internal communication and switching equipment
Development, production and repair of electrical products for aircraft
Development and production of on-board systems and components for aviation technology
Delivery and repair of aviation technical equipment. Sale of helicopters and components
Airbus strives to provide the most efficient helicopter solutions to its customers who serve, protect, save lives and safely carry passengers in demanding environments
Magazine of the international community of Airborne Special Missions
Best job vacancies and professionals in aviation
Development and production of aviation radio communication equipment, search and rescue equipment, test equipment for radio communication facilities, as well as cable products for aviation and special ground equipment
Supply of spare parts and parts Supply of spare parts and parts Поставка запчастей и запчастей Delivery of spare parts and components Доставка запасных частей и комплектующих
Translation of technical documentation, supply of ICAO documents, publishing and printing services
Industry agency providing information services for business support in the aviation industry
Helicopter repair and equipment manufacturing
Women-Pilots union
Development, production and supply of unmanned aircraft systems with unmanned helicopter-type aircraft (UAS with BVS-VT) for civil purposes and payloads to them
Provider of services for the organization and implementation of complex repair and maintenance services, as well as the modernization of aviation equipment
Business Aviation Portal
American manufacturer of helicopters and rotorcraft, part of the Textron conglomerate
Design and manufacture of testing equipment for helicopters and aircraft
Business Aviation Internet Portal
A leading Russian enterprise producing aircraft wheels, brakes, and brake system control units for most types of Russian aircraft
Supplier of engines, spare parts, components and assemblies of aircraft for the aviation market of Russia and the CIS countries
Mobile service solutions, optimization of service logistics, complex service solutions
The leading Russian research center in the field of development and production of composite materials and products based on them
The Concern is the leading Russian designer and manufacturer of onboard radioelectronic equipment for all types of aircraft (over 80% of the market) and state identification systems (over 90% of the market). The company's products are sold in more than 30 countries
Flight Simulators
Specialized analytical magazine
Aviation instrumentation
Helicopter component manufacturers
Expert engine maintenance solutions
Military-industrial complex and culture news
Mil Mi-8/17 helicopters upgrade center & design bureau. The manufacturer of Auxiliary External Fuel Tanks ВДБ.6130.000 and Emergency Flotation System (EFS) САП.4011.000
Design and construction of helicopter landing pads and other aviation infrastructure facilities
An independent cross-industry newspaper about industry
A division of the company - NixDron - is engaged in the creation of industry solutions using professional and amateur drones
Development and production of airborne and ground weather navigation radars
Repair plant for Mi helicopters in NATO and EU countries
Optical and mechanical production
LORD Corporation is a diversified technology and manufacturing company developing highly reliable adhesives, coatings, motion management devices, and sensing technologies
Official representative of Magni Gyro in Russia
Weekly newspaper
Navigation and landing equipment and flight controls
Authorized sales and service center for Pilatus aircraft in Russia
Provides critical filtration, separation and purification solutions to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of Aerospace customers around the globe
Development and production of navigation devices and systems
In-house development, production, testing and certification of small turbojet, turboprop and turboshaft engines, Auxiliary Power Units (APU) and Environmental Control Systems (ECS)
Development and production of aeronautical air, ground and sea radio communication equipment
Creator of the unique navi station "PLASP", which provides high-precision passive navigation of many aircrafts and UAVs
Design, supply and installation of prefabricated lightweight non-capital buildings of full factory readiness based on an aluminum frames
Rosoboronexport supports implementation of large-scale projects aimed at the improvement of defense capacity of partner countries, and at comprehensive consolidation and innovative development of enterprises and entities of Russia’s MIC
Supply of aviation parts and consumables
Russian Helicopters is a leading player in the global helicopter industry, the sole Russian rotorcraft designer and manufacturer
It unites the main scientific, production and service and sales enterprises of the optoelectronic industry in Russia
Team of professional specialists with an impeccable reputation in the civil aviation market
The aircraft model design bureau
Leading Russian enterprise, working on development and maintenance of engines for aircraft
Overhaul, modernization and re-equipment of Mi-8 / Mi-17, Ka-27, Ka-32 helicopters; creation of service centers, development and production of ground control devices, aviation training center
Production and supply of unique lubricants and hydraulic fluids for military and civil aviation
Supply of aviation oils, lubricants and hydraulic fluids
National Aerospace Magazine
Production of metal structures
Tulpar Aero Group provides a range of aviation services in the commercial and business aviation market: from flight operation to MRO and aircraft modernization
Rosatom Fuel Company is a monopoly supplier of nuclear fuel at all Russian nuclear power plants, ship and research reactors in Russia
Internet portal about unmanned aerial vehicles
UEC is a vertically-integrated company producing engines for military and civil aviation, commercial programs, equipment of various strengths for generating electric and heat energy, gas pumping systems and marine gas-turbine units
Repair of aircraft gas turbine engines and their units. Aircraft and helicopter manufacturing
Develops and manufactures optoelectronic systems for various purposes
The largest helicopter operator in Russia and one of the leaders in the global helicopter business
Production and installation of LED, light-signal, meteorological and other equipment for heliports and landing sites
Industrial chemistry production
Vertically integrated titanium producer
An international financial group, offering a wide range of financial and banking services and products
National Aviation Magazine
Industry media partners