May 15 - 17

Press Registration Rules

HeliRussia is one of the largest and most prominent industry expo in the world which is yearly visited by the journalists from all over the world. Accreditation to HeliRussia can be given to officially registered Russian and foreign mass media representatives.

Number of accredited journalists allowed from one mass media:

  • Print editions – no more than 3 persons;
  • TV – on demand;
  • Radio – no more than 2 persons;
  • Information agencies – no more than 3 persons;
  • Internet editions – no more than 2 persons.

Mass media pass is valid during the whole working period of the exhibition.

Mass media representatives must deliver to HeliRussia Directorate all materials (or their copies) concerning the International Helicopter Industry Exhibition published in their editions or transmitted on the air.

Accreditation will be arranged on-line at this spring.

HeliRussia Management has the right to refuse the application in case of

  • nonobjective or tendentious publications distributed earlier
  • submitting incorrect information

Rights of the accredited journalists:

  • to receive information about upcoming conferences, meetings, press-conferences and other events beforehand;
  • to receive informational and reference materials released by the Directorate of HeliRussia;
  • to attend open events (conferences) in board rooms or specially equipped halls;
  • to use technical equipment necessary for audio, video and photo recording;
  • to attend briefings, press-conferences and other events that are specially organized for journalists by HeliRussia Directorate;
  • to use office equipment in the HeliRussia press center (telephones, faxes, Xeroxes, computers, Internet etc.);
  • to be rendered assistance in organization of individual meetings and negotiations with members of the Directorate, Organization Committee and Exhibitors at HeliRussia.

Directorate of HeliRussia

Dear friends, please notу that online raccreditation has ended. You can get your accreditation at the event at the “PRESS” zone.

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