September 15-17

Moscow, Crocus Expo

Conference “Additive Technologies in the Aircraft Industry”

Additive technologies (AT) are high-tech innovations that seriously change the world in the era of the sixth technological order. Today, there are practically no industries, as well as enterprises that do not know the advantages and do not use AT in their business processes. Today it’s right to position and profitably use 3d printing — not a fad, but a vital necessity to ensure the leadership of the company in the industry and the market.

AT firmly entrenched in mechanical engineering. The production of spaceships, rockets, planes, helicopters is no longer complete without the use of additive manufacturing processes.

At the conference, we will present a roadmap for the development of AT in Russia, the experience of foreign and Russian user companies, and introduce foreign and Russian manufacturers of equipment and software products.

If you want to participate in the conference with a report, please contact the director of the business program Maxim Fedorov,

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