June 10-12

Conference “Improving Helicopter Technologies in Fire Extinguishing”

Organizer — HeliRussia Exhibition Management

Helicopters are indispensable assistants in conducting operations to search and rescue people, provide emergency medical care, and eliminate the consequences of natural disasters, but their merit in extinguishing fires is also undeniable.

The fight against natural and man-made fires is one of the topics uniting countries regardless of political rhetoric. In the spring and summer, fire fighting crews around the world begin fighting fire.

One of the most effective means to prevent and extinguish fires in remote areas and high-rise buildings is a helicopter. Designers develop new solutions, modern modifications appear. Russia has accumulated rich experience in the development, production and use of helicopter fire-fighting equipment and modern aviation firefighting technologies.

Within the framework of the conference, they will discuss issues of a fire hazard monitoring and control system in the forest (forest fire monitoring), new and promising developments in the field of fire fighting, and will share experiences and stories of successful experimental work.

The conference will become the largest venue that will bring together representatives of the Aviation Forest Guard, the Ministry of Emergencies, Moscow Aviation Center, manufacturers and operators of helicopter equipment, and developers of additional equipment.

If you are interested in participating in the report, send your proposal by e-mail volodina@rvs-holding.ru

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