June 10-12

HeliRussia 2017: visitors’ registration for business program is open

Visitor registration for the business program events of the 10th anniversary International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia is now open. The event will be held from 25 to 27 May in Moscow. Its business program includes a number of events on helicopter industry topics and involves a number of related industries.

HeliRussia 2017 follows its traditional path and covers the most pressing issues in its business program. Specialists of various profiles and representatives of state authorities are involved in discussions, thus allowing to search for ways to solve problems, contributing to the helicopter industry development.

The iconic events of the expo’s business program annually draw the attention of professionals. One of such events is the International Conference “Helicopter Market: Realities and Prospects”, which will be held on HeliRussia for the 9th time. This conference has gained recognition in professional community because of sharing the unique information on helicopter market and its analysis. It is the only event that demonstrates the complex dynamics of the Russian helicopter fleet, deliveries and decommissions of Russian and foreign helicopters.

Another significant event is the 6th Interdepartmental scientific and practical conference “HEMS – 2017”. This year, the Russian Government have subsidized the regional purchase of medical aviation services on 3.3 billion rubles. Such financing of medical aviation in Russia is unprecedented, which leads to its more in-depth study and planning, thus increasing the importance of the said medevac conference on HeliRussia 2017.

The 5th scientific and practical conference “Aircraft avionics” will feature the information about new products and promising developments. The aircraft electronics is being actively developed in Russia today.

Following the success of the first event in 2016, HeliRussia 2017 will host the 2nd International Conference “Industry of unmanned aircraft systems”. This year the event will focus on the growing mutual integration of helicopter and unmanned industries. Some helicopter operator companies begin experiments with use of a combined fleet of helicopters and UAVs. It can not only expand the potential of aerial missions, but also to serve as a cost saving factor. The conference will also host the round table on “Issues of UAV pilot training for commercial and private use” which will focus on drones piloting training of certified aviation training centers of the helicopter industry.

A new event in the HeliRussia’s business program – conference “Aviation and Ecology”, which supports the “Ecology Year” in Russia, announced by the President. It is aimed to consider the negative factors from rotorcrafts and helicopter industry installations affecting the environment and possible improving their eco-friendliness. The conference includes a round table on “Alternative fuel supply”.

The conference “Equipment and operation of helipads” will once again highlight the complex issues of the helicopter infrastructure development. Such an event was not held the last year but the increase in helicopter use of in Russia, including medevac growth, raises questions about helipad construction and use. The conference will provide an opportunity to obtain comprehensive information on their design and construction from scratch.

Even though flight safety is discussed at the expo every year, a standalone seminar on “Safety flight of light helicopters” is being held at HeliRussia for the first time. The growing intensity of light helicopters operation in both private and commercial use causes the need for their pilots to understand all aspects of flight safety. Safety issues will be discussed at the seminar.

The conference “Operational and aftersales service issues of the Russian-made rotorcraft” aims to answer concerns by the various operators. The event is executed with participation of all the industry players involved in the maintenance and use of Russian-made helicopters.

Of course, other business program events will be hosted at HeliRussia 2017. In ceremonial program, various industry contest winners will be honored. Among the entertaining the “HeliRussia Drone-racing Cup” deserves special attention.

The business program of the HeliRussia 2017 still being developed with new events. It contents is available at the official website in “About – Business Program”.

The organizers suggest not to delay with your registration to the events!

Participation in all events is free of charge.

Registration is available here.


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