June 10-12

Participants of HeliRussia 2018

Company Field of activity
558 Aircraft Repair Plant, JSC Aircraft equipment repair & upgrade
AB System Development and implemention of IT solution
Aces International (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD Helicopters, Engines, Aircraft – vibration & dynamic balancing equipment: sales, training & support
ADAC Luftfahrt Technik GmbH Helicopter and components service and maintenance
Aero-space review Magazine
Aeropribor-Voskhod, JSC Aviation equipment design & manufacture
AEROPUB international Magazine about aviation
Aerosila RPE, OJSC Development, production, service and repair of the aircraft equipment
Aerospace equipment corporation, JSC
Supply and servicing/maintaining of air flight simulators, instrumentation and onboard equipment to the domestic and foreign markets
Manufacture and supply of lighting and wind equipment for heliports, airfields and landing sites for helicopters
AeroZentrum Information portal
Agan Aircrafts Group Russian light aircraft manufacturer
Air transport civil aviation Magazine.
Air Transport Observer Magazine
Airborne air navigation systems, JSC
Project developer in the field of air traffic management (ATM), communication, navigation, surveillance and air traffic management (CNS/ATM) technologies and meteorological support of air navigation
Airbus Helicopters Helicopter sales and maintenance
Aircraft Paint Technologies Developer and manufacturer of aviation paint removers
Airports. Progressive technology Magazine
AirScout company Unmanned aerial vehicles
AirTaxi-Service Design, manufacture and maintenance of helicopter salons
Al-Musallh Magazine The Internet portal
ALD Engineering services & software for a/c reliability, safety, certification and airworthiness
Alexandr LLC
The leading Russian manufacturer of optical components, optical-mechanical units and optical-electronic systems
ALKAN Military aeronautical equipment manufacturer
ALTITUDES Russia Magazine
Apple International Inc. Ltd. Helicopter Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul, components sales, Authorized Robinson Service Center
Arsenal Otechestva Information and analytical magazine
Aviaavtomatika them. Century Century Tarasova, JSC Developer and manufacturer of modern avionics.
AVIABALTIKA Aviation Ltd. MOST – Maintenance Overhaul Supply Training
AviaCareer.ru Aviation recruitment platform in Russia
AVIAHELP GROUP, JSC Spares supply and maintenance, ground support equipment and spares supply
Aviakom LLC, Research & Production Enterprise Aviation equipment design & manufacture
Aviapanorama Magazine
AviaPort Branch agency, providing information services to support business in the aviation industry
Aviasoyz Magazine
Aviatehsnab, Ltd
Delivery of aviation equipment, and organization of repair of components for aircraft of domestic and foreign production.
Aviation and Sport Magazine
Aviations.ru Aviation portal
Aviatrisa Women Pilots Union
Aviazapchast PLC
One of the leading Russian nongovernment companies offering technical support for civil aircraft of Russian and foreign origin
AVISA Association of producers of aviation systems and units
B/E Aerospace Fischer GmbH Crashworthy seats for helicopters
Bell Developer and manufacturer of helicopters, helicopters and components for sale
BETA AIR, CJSC Manufacture of test equipment
BizavNews Information portal
Production of titanium, aluminum, magnesium casting with the possibility of high-precision processing of all metals.
BORISFEN, JSC Suppliers of engines, spare parts and aircraft accessories for Russian and CIS aviation industry
Business Russia Magazine
Business Russia Federal magazine
Trade mark CHKALOV is a new Russian aviation apparel brand created for those who fall in love with the sky.
CITICOPTER Helicopter Service Center
Civil Aviation The magazine
Cobham Communication systems
Company PVR, LLC Manufacture of ground power units
Concern Radioelectornic technology, JSC
Range of marketing activities, develop and implement targeted scientific and technical programs, the formation of scientific, technical and technological policy of Concern
Coptersafety Ltd. Simulators.
DECIMA Developer and producer of hi-tech electronics.
Defence-industrial potential Magazine
Depicon Consulting in business development for Eastern Europe
Designer office of electroitems ХХI of century, JSC Development, production, testing and repair of aviation equipment.
Donaldson Aerospace Filtration systems for the aerospace and defense industry
EGO Translating Company Leading Russian language service provider offering a full range of linguistic services.
Interfaces, all necessary for industrial aircraft, space and built-in control systems, control and data integrating.
Electric machine plant «VELKONT»,JSC
Development and production of: relays, contactors, micro-modules, mechatronic modules, rubber products
ELECTROSIGNAL Corporation Design and manufacture of radio communacators
Electrosignal JSC
The leading Russian enterprise on manufacture of means of radio communications HF, VHF and microwave ranges of special and industrial purposes
ElMedica Medical equipment of leading world manufacturers
Energy news E-magazine
Engineer and manufacturer today. Magazine
Equipment of youth Magazine
Exclases holdings Ltd. Distributor of helicopters.
Experimental design Bureau UWCA, LLC Research and development on natural Sciences and engineering
Expoclub International exhibition portal
Federation of Helicopter Sport of Russia helisport.org/
FLY-AVIA Supply of aviation equipment, repair, maintenance and modernization of aviation equipment
Geoscan Group of companies Developer and manufacturer of professional aerial imaging systems
GIFAS French Aerospace, Defense and Security Industries Association
GTLK State Transport Leasing Company
H+S Aviation Maintenance repair & overhaul services
Heliatica, LLC Distribution of helicopter equipment and services
Helicopter company «Aerosouz» Sale, maintenance and operation of helicopters
Helicopter Industry Magazine
Helicopter Industry Magazine
Helicopter Industry Association
Voluntary association of legal entities, whose activities are related to the helicopter industry, in order to coordinate business activities, as well as representation and protection of common interests
Helicopter service company, JSC Servicing air transport.
Helicopterparts Delivery, sale, exchange of aviation equipment
Helipoland Bartłomiej Kieblesz Professional training of helicopter pilots, sale, maintenance and rental of helicopters
Heliports of Russia Pilot training, sales and service of private helicopters
HELISOTA, LLC Technical maintenance, overhaul and upgrade facility for Mi-8/17 helicopters
HELISTAR Supplier of aviation equipment, aircraft components and SSS for use in civil aircraft
Heliswiss Iberica S.A. Helicopter company
Helitowcart Helicopter hangaring solution specialist
HeliVert, CJSC Assembler of AW139
Heliweb Magazine
Leading global partner offering smart comfort and safety solutions for the aerospace and other industries specialising in design, qualify and provide vibration control systems and sealing solution technologies, with a special focus on weight savings
Hydro Engineering Inc. Water filtration equipment
Independent Military Review Newspaper
Industrial Automatics Design Bureau, JSC Automatic navigation & flight control systems
Industrial Weekly Interindustry Newspaper
Inertial Technologies of «Technocomplex» SC Inertial sensors and systems on their basis
Ingosstrakh,JSC Insurance company
ITP Aero Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Services
IVCHIMPROM Factory manufacturer of aviation gasoline AVGAS 100LL and B-91/115
Izmeritel, JSC Design, construction, production and modernization of machinery, civil products and consumer goods.
Jet Transfer Bell Helicopter representative in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine
Kamov, JSC Helicopter design and manufacture
Kazan Helicopters, JSC Helicopter design and manufacture
Kazan National Research Technical University named after A. N. Tupolev — KAI Training center
Klimov Company Design & manufacture of gas turbines
KMZ «ZENIT», JSC Optical and electro-optical engineering
Kontur-NIIRS, LLC Design & manufacture of airborne and ground radars
Krasny Octiabr Development, production, repair and service of power units of helicopters
Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise, JSC Helicopter Manufacturer
Leach International Europe S.A.S.
Manufacturing of a broad range of high-reliable power switching and control components and equipment for aerospace, rail, and high-end industrial applications(primary and secondary power distribution assemblies, relays and GFI units, thrust reverser control units, ELCUs and smart contactors).
Leasing Review Journal Magazine
Leonardo Design & manufacture of helicopters
Lisi Aerospace Aerospace fasteners and structural components
Little airplane Startup on production of the flying models of gliders.
LLC «Kazan aggregate plant’
Development, testing and production of aviation rescue equipment for evacuation and emergency medical assistance.
LOM PRAHA Maintenance, repairs, modernization and general overhauls of Mi-type helicopters and its components
LORD RS aerospace equipment
Lutch , JSC Developer of airborne and ground telemetry systems
Machinery equipment Magazine
marketelectro.ru E-magazine
MDAeroGroup, LLC Sales & maintenance of helicopters
Meteo Sensor, LTD Supply of meteorological equipment
Micromontazh Scientific-producing enterprize, LLC
Development and mass production of the means of displacement and evacuation of wounded and injured for all kinds of ambulances and rescue services
Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, JSC Helicopter design and manufacture
Military & Industry Courier Magazine
Mobile medicine, LLC medicine
Monitor Soft, LLC Navigation systems
Moscow Aviation Institute Training center
Moscow Design Bureau «Compas», JSC
Designer and manufacturer of systems and means of high-precision navigation signals of satellite navigation systems
The developer and manufacturer of parachute systems, as well as aircrafts made of polymer-composite materials (PCM)
National Defence Magazine
Nauka Research-and-production association, OJSC Producer of aircraft, helicopter and spacecraft life support systems
Navigator Company Designer of landing, navigation and flight control equipment
Nefteprominvest LLC Integrated range of oil products supplier
New Defence Order. Strategy Magazine
Developer of the integrated on-board and ground-based system for monitoring aircraft structures and assemblies
Interconnect solutions for harsh environment with design and manufacturing processes fully integrated in-house (micro connectors, custom made connectors, shielded FFC, jumper cables, switches for man-machine interfaces and solutions for technical textiles
Novosibirsk Aircraft Repairing Plant, JSC Overhaul & maintenance of helicopters
Novosibirsk Institute of software systems
Design and development of complex software systems designed for the implementation of the tasks of the state policy on development and modernization of industry and business.
NPO aerospace technologies Developer and manufacturer of a new type of vehicles – BEGALETS (Run&fly)
Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise Technologiya named after A.G. Romashin
Russia’s competence center of development of nonmetallic science-intensive, high-technology products for aviation, rocket-and-space equipment, transport
OKB Aviaresheniya, LLC Developer of unmanned aerial carrier platform for vertical take-off and landing
OKTAVA, OJSC Manufacturer of studio microphones, telephone and microphone capsules, headsets and hearing aids
Onboard Systems International Onboard Systems and cargo hooks producer
Ot vinta! International Festival of Children and Youth Scientific and Technical Creativity
Pall Corporation High-tech filtration & separation solutions
PANH, JSC Air company
PBS Velka Bites Design and manufacturing of aircraft equipment
PMZ, LLC Manufacture of fasteners.
Polyot JSC, Research & Production Enterprise Aviation radio equipment
PRADIS, LLC Supplier of protective cases of Peli trademark
Pribor Reseach & Production Association, JSC Airborne instrument-making
PRIMA LLC, Research & Production Enterprise Design & production of aeronautical radio communication equipment
Progress Arsenyev Aviation Company Production of Ka-52 Alligator; in preparation for production of naval Ka-52K and commercial Ka-62
B2B-the magazine reflecting a modern condition and keeping memory of formation and development of the industry and power engineering of Russia
PSC VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation Manufacture of semi-finished products from titanium alloys for aircraft industry
PV.RF international industrial portal Information portal
Radar MMS Radio-electronic systems, complexes of special and civil purpose, special software
RAMENSKOYE DESIGN COMPANY, JSC Aviation equipment design & manufacture
RD-Heli Development of ultralight helicopters.
Reduktor-PM, JSC Manufacture & repair of main gearboxes & transmissions for Mi helicopters
Region of development Magazine
Remove Before Flight Aircraft accessories.
Research institute «Ecran», JSC Electronic equipment and systems for opto-electronic protection of aircraft
Research-and-production complex «Axel» Developer and manufacturer of resistive top-plate heating elements
RHOTHETA Elektronik GmbH Design, development and production of high-quality direction finders for ATC, VTS and SAR applications
Roads & transports Magazine
Rockwell Collins Avionics and board equipment
Rockwell Collins Interior Systems
Designer, developer and manufacturer of cabin interior products like seating products, galleys, structures & integration systems, lighting systems, oxygen & PSU units, or water & waste systems
Rosoboronexport, State Corporation Authorized supplier of defense-related & dual-use products, technologies, services
Rossiyskaya gazeta Internet portal
Rostvertol, JSC Helicopter design and manufacture
Rotor&Wing Magazine
One of the leading companies for the production of modern navigation devices, systems and complexes for aircraft, helicopters and military aircraft, as well as products for spacecraft and ground military equipment
RT-Chemcomposite, JSC Research and innovation in the field of polymeric composite materials and finished products from them
RuSkay Group, LLC Supply of aircraft spare parts
RUSPOLYMET, JSC The only specialized plant in Russia and CIS manufacturing high-duty ring blanks and disks.
Russian Aviation & Military Guide Magazine
Russian Defence Magazine.
Russian Drone Website portal for unmanned community
Russian Helicopter Systems, JSC Helicopter sales, service and operation
Russian Helicopters, JSC Manufacture of helicopters
Member of the Association of Helicopter Industry, the largest supplier of aircraft and technical equipment and ground equipment from the availability of its warehouse in Moscow, the owner of the fleet of helicopters MI-8, a reliable partner in the field of air travel.
Ryazan State Instrument-making Enterprise, JSC Helicopter Avionics
Safran Group Design & manufacture of gas turbines
Saint-Petersburg aviation repair company, OJS (SPARC, AO) Aircraft repair enterprise
Saint-Petersburg Experimental DB “Electroavtomatika” named after P.A.Efimov Airborne instrument-making
Science & Technics Magazine
Show Observer Helirussia Magazine
Shvabe A holding company bringing together designers and manufacturers of optical devices.
Signal Engels Design Bureau named after A.I.Glukharev, JSC Design and manufacture of instruments for airspace industry
Simplex, LLC Supply of aviation equipment.
SNK+, LLC Aviation equipment and matherials
SPC «Technovotum», LTD Developer and producer ofnon-destructive testing (NDT) equipments and techniques
Special desing bureau of the cable industru
Design and manufacture of cable products for use in extreme conditions, aerospace, electronic and other forms of new technology.
Specneftprodukt Production of aviation and hydraulic oils, special fluids
Stand, LTD Aviation oils, greases and hydraulic fluids supplier
STAR, JSC Development and production of automated control systems for gas turbine engines
STC ACTOR Russian developer and manufacturer of power sources and systems
Sterlitamak Petrochemical Plant, JSC Manufacturer of petrochemical products
Stupino Machine Production Plant, JSC Helicopter frames and equipment manufacturer
TaeguTec LTD Industrial cutting tool manufacturer
Take-off Magazine
TakeHeli Private business aviation service
Technodinamika, JSC Design & manufacture of aircraft systems and components
Tekhpribor, OJSC Developer and manufacturer of onboard avionics
The defence-industrial complex of the Russian Federation An independent magazine
Design and manufacturing of flexible PTFE and Metallic hoses. Fire protection and anti-abrasion. Rigid tubing and flex-rigid hybrid assemblies. Applications : hydraulic, fuel, oxygen systems, landing gears.
Trace Worldwide Corporation
Representation for aviation manufacturers, export management,engineering,technical services for aviation products
Training center Vega Training, rescue, delivery of rescue equipment
Transport Rossii Newspaper
Transport strategy XXI century Information — analytical magazine about the transport and logistics
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Global supplier of sealing solutions
Tulpar Aero Group, LLC
Integrated structure of the nine companies providing a wide range of aviation services to the business aviation market
Tulpar Helicopters, Ltd Leasing company, operator of aircraft of general purpose.
Tupolev Service Aviation Refueling Facilities, JSC Producer and supplier of mobile and stationary refueling equipment
Ufa Instrument-Making Production Association, JSC Autopilots, Automatic Control Systems, Flight control complexes
Ulan-Ude aviation plant HELICOPTER FACTORY.
Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau, PJSC Airborne instrument-making
United Engine Corporation, JSC Design & manufacture of turbine engines
United Rotorcraft Air Medical Transport Equipment
Ural Optical & Mechanical Plant Development & manufacture of optronic equipment for military & civil applications
Ural Works of Civil Aviation, JSC Repair and production of aviation equipment.
URALHELICOM Helicopters sales & maintenance, technical training
UTair Aviation, JSC Passenger transportations, helicopter operations
UTair helicopter operations Major helicopter operator in Russia and one of the leaders of the world helicopter business
UTair-Engineering, JSC Aircraft repair and maintenance
VKMS, Ltd Helicopter complexes and multifunctional systems
Innovative design Bureau of the «Russian Helicopters» Holding on suppliyng helicopters of competitive scientific and technical solutions
Manufacture and installation of led lighting, meteorological and other equipment for heliports and landing sites
Wings of Motherland National aviation magazine
ZALA AERO GROUP UAV designer and producer
Zavod Atlant, PJSC Developer and producer of electrical connectors
Zavod Elecon, JSC Development and manufacture of electrical connectors
Zehr-Aero Design and manufacturing of special mechanical components for helicopters and main rotors
Zelenograd Development Corporation Corporation for the management of infrastructure for the support of innovative entrepreneurship
Zelenograd nanotechnology center Innovation R&D company in the field of nano- and microsystem technologies
service operator of aerial chemical works, supplier of specialized techniques for the implementation of air traffic control, treatment of forests from pests, monitoring of industrial facilities, impact on hydrometeorological phenomena
Аssociation AERONET
Non-profit organization, professional Association of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs engaged in the development and operation of civil unmanned aircraft systems
Industry media partners