10-12 июня

Conference «Technology for increase in location efficiency for helicopters. Tracking systems. Commercial efficiency «

Search of the aircraft in missing. What can be more important and urgent? People’s lives depend on this.
Due to this aviation experts worked on it worldwide for a long time. This, in the eighties of the last century a global Cospas-Sarsat system appeared.
The first practical case of such rescue by means of  the system occurred on 10, September in 1982 at a stage of control systems’ techniques perfecting when the Soviet satellite “Cosmos -1383 retransmitted a SOS signal from a small plane crashed in the mountains of Canada. The emergency signal via the satellite was accepted by the Canadian land station.
As a result of the rescue mission three persons were saved. At the beginning of 2002 by means of Cospas-Sarsat system  over 10 000 people were rescued. 
In 1998 alone  385 rescue missions were carried out and 1334 persons were rescued as a result.
On 5, December 1997 in a panel session of the interdepartmental commission of the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES) of Russia the decision to consider global Cospas-Sarsat system a SAR requisite for the objects got to a crisis situation was made.
Thus, the history fitting all thel aircrafts with the emergency beacons began.
It is especially actual for the helicopter aviation as helicopters are almost always operating in sparsely deserted districts and in conditions of low-altitude. This significantly hinder use of practically all types of the traditional communication applied in aircraft.
Today the tracking systems are used by all first-rate helicopter operators. With the development of the technologies such systems become more and more affordable to small airlines and private owners. 
Event at the stage of these systems’ development experts from the aviacompanies  frontlines paid attention that even with relatively simple emerging technologies such systems may be used for continuous monitoring not only of the aircraft geographical location but its current technical condition. 
With the World Wide Web development such systems together with the satellite communication give almost the unlimited opportunities for of the aircraft location and condition.
The market supply for such systems is fair.
We invite all involved in helicopter operations to share experience in use of such systems also measures and ways of efficiency upgrading of their application.
The Conference will take place 22, May in a Conference hall No. 2, Pavilion No. 1
IEC «Expo Crocus» ( 14.30 — 17.00 )
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