10-12 июня

Aircraft Design Forum


Aircraft Design — from a sketch to a modern helicopter construction.

The forum includes the following topics:

  • Interaction between the cheif engeneer and cheif designer at a helecopter R&D;
  • Graphic demonstration of creating a helicopter design and its corellation to durability, aerodynamics and avionics;
  • Helicopter fuselage redesign and restyling;
  • Working with composite materials;
  • Safety, ergonomics and aesthetics of the helicopter cabin;
  • New manufacturing technologies of fuselage parts and styling;
  • Engineering and related systems — noise-reduction, ventilation, lighting, multimedia and entertainment.


If you wish to make a presentation or to take part in the conference and in case if you have suggestions for its program, please contact the organizers of HeliRussia 2016:

Tel. +7 (495) 926-60-66, 646-36-63, 228-14-41, fax: + 7 (495) 926-38-38

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