15 - 17 мая

Exhibitors of Helirussia 2009

Name Description  
1 4Rescue  Magazine Germany
2 Admikor Center, Ltd Delivery of Aeroshell products, mini fuel systems Russia
3 Aero Taxi — Service, Ltd Helicopter interior and equipment manufacturer Russia 
4 AEROPRIBOR-VOSKHOD, JSC Development & manufacture of air data equipment  Russia
5 Aerosouz Helicopter sales, service & operation for private & corporate customers Russia
6 Aerospace Courier Magazine Russia
7 Aerospace Review Magazine Russia
8 Aerosvet,Ltd Manufacture of lighting equipment  Russia
9 AG .translate, LLC Translation company Russia
10 Air Fleet Newspaper Russia
11 Air Transport  Magazine Russia
12 Air Transport Obsrever Magazine Russia
13 Alpha Aviation Co., Ltd Dealer of Robinson Helicopter Company/Diamond Aircraft Indusries Japan
14 Aquatoria of Luxury Life Magazine Russia
15 Areojetstyle Information agency Russia
16 ARMS-TASS Magazine Russia
17 Arseniev Aerospace Company «Progress», JSC Aircraft manufature, repair, parts  Russia
18 ASM Tests & Measurements, Ltd Sales of monitoring equipment Russia
19 Aviaglobus Magazine Russia
20 AVIAMARKET Helicopter sales & maintenance Russia
21 AVIAOK International, LLC Supply of measuring & test instrumentation, CAD & CAE engineering services Russia
22 AVIA-PROEKT, CJSC Parts supplier Russia
23 Aviasalon MAKS,JSC Air Show Russia
24 AviaSouz Magazine Russia
25 Aviation & Sport Magazine Russia
26 Aviation Supply & Service, JSC Light aircraft sales, maintenance, supply of aircraft equipment Russia
27 Avionica MRPC, JSC  Aircraft instrument engineering Russia
28 Becker Avionics International Avionics systems Germany
29 Bell Helicopter Helicopter manufacturer USA
30 BETA  Air, JSC Manufacture of test equipment Russia
31 Breeze-Eastern Rescue hoist and cargo winches USA
32 Briz Design Bureau,JSC Vertical take-off innovations Russia
33 Civil Aviation Magazine Russia
34 Defence Order Magazine Russia
35 Diagnosis World, JSC  Nondestructive monitoring & test equipment, security surveillance systems  Russia
36 Dixon Pumps, Inc. Manufacture of DC powered pumps USA
37 Egorievsk Civil Aviation College Training center Russia
38 Ekvinet, Ltd Delivery of tools, assembly, service & repair equipment Russia
39 Energy.Industry.Regions Magazine Russia
40 EuroAvionics Avionics manufacturer  Germany
41 Eurocopter Vostok    Helicopter manufacture and maintenance Russia
42 Focus Communication Magazine Russia
43 FOXLAND Helishop Russia
44 Gen Corporation Manufacture of one manned helicopter Japan
45 Gidroaviasalon Air Show Russia
46 Gorizont, JSC Design & manufacture of heliport  & airport equipment Russia
47 H+S Aviation LTD Engine repair and overhaul UK
48 Helico&Jet Magazine France
49 Helicopter Association International Association  USA
50 Helicopter Industry Association Association  Russia
51 Helicopter Industry Association GA flight operations center Flight operations center Russia
52 Helicopter Industry Magazine Magazine Russia
53 Helicopter Life Magazine UK
54 Helicopter Magazine Europe Magazine France
55 Helicopter Service Company, JSC Service center  Russia
56 HeliExpress, JSC Passenger transport service Russia
57 Heliops Magazine New Zealand
58 Helipool Europe Helicopter sale Switzerland
59 Helishow Dubai Helicopter exhibition United Arab Emirates
60 Honeywell Airport Systems GmbH Signal lighting systems for heliports Germany
61 Independent Military Review Magazine Russia
62 Industrial Automation Design Office (KBPA, JSC) Automatic navigation & flight control systems Russia
63 Ingosstrakh, IJSC Insurance Russia
64 INILAB Solutions and equipment for heliports & airports Russia
65 INTERFAX-AVN Publishing house Russia
66 INTERVESTNIK Magazine Russia
67 Ivchenko Progress State Enterprise Turbine manufacture Ukraine
68 Jet Transfer Representation of Bell Helicopter in Russia Russia
69 Jet.Business&Aviiation Magazine Russia
70 JJ-PRIN-AERO, Ltd Avionics of  home & foreign manufacture: sales & service   Russia
71 Kamatics/Ankol Aviation bearings USA/Poland
72 Kamov, JSC Helicopter design and manufacture Russia
73 Kamov-Service, CJSC Aftersales service Russia
74 Kazan  Aviation Technical College Training center Russia
75 Kazan Helicopter Plant, JSC Helicopter design and manufacture Russia
76 Kazan State Technical University  Training center Russia
77 KB Maslova — Yug Helicopter parts design and manufacture Ukraine
78 Kremenchug Flight College of National Aviation University Training center Ukraine
79 Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise Helicopter manufacturer Russia
80 Legend Media Magazine Russia
81 MauerGroup, Ltd Finance & financial controlling.Investments.Taxes.Audit Russia
82 Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant , JSC Helicopter design and manufacture Russia
83 Military Parade Magazine Russia
84 Miracle7 Sale & operation of helicopters: VIP- traffic, medicine & corporate services Russia
85 Monitor Soft, Ltd Avionics & fixed telecommunication systems design Russia
86 Moscow Aviation Institute Training center Russia
87 MVA-1 Company, LLC Hangar gates manufacturer Russia
88 National Defence Publishing house Russia
89 Nauchtechlitizdat,Ltd Magazine Russia
90 NEBO-Service, LLC Spare parts, avionics sales Russia
91 New Defence Order Newspaper Russia
92 NITA Company, LLC Airport equipment Russia
93 OKTAVA+ Co., Ltd Sales of measuring and test equipment Russia
94 Omsk Civil Aviation Flight -Technical College Training center Russia
95 OPK OBORONPROM, JSC Machinebuilding/Aircraftbuilding  Russia
96 Orshansk Aircraft Repair Plant Repair and modifications Russia
97 Pall Corporation High-tech filtration/separation solutions Germany
98 PANH, JSC Airline Russia
99 Patria Helicopters AB Helicopter maintenance centre Sweden
100 PM Expert,JSC Consulting,outsoursing & training services in project management Russia
101 Pribor Reseach & Production Association, Ltd  Instrument manufacturer,Ltd Russia
102 Prima LTD, Research & Production Enterprise Radio communication equipment Russia
103 PVR Company, Ltd Ground power supply manufacture Russia
104 Q Aviation LTD Import/export of sales of helicopters. Flight training Great Britain
105 Qualitet-Avia, JSC Oil manufacturer Russia
106 R.E.T.Kronshtadt, JSC Navigation simulator systems and military purpose avionics Russia
107 Reductor-PM, JSC Manufacture & repair of main gearboxes & transmissions for Mi  helicopters Russia
108 Rosoboronexport State Corporation Authorized supplier of defense-related & dual-use products, technologies , services Russia
109 Rostvertol, JSC Helicopter manufacturer  Russia
110 RotorBlatt Magazine Germany
111 Russia&CIS  Observer Magazine Russia
112 Russian Helicopter Systems, CJSC Helicopter sales, maintenance and operations Russia
113 Russian Helicopter, JSC Helicopter manufacture Russia
114 Ryl’sk Civil Aviation Technical College Training center Russia
115 Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation, Federal State  Training center Russia
116 Science & Technology Publishing house Russia
117 Semia Vibration analysis France
118 Signal Engels Design Bureau after A.I.Glukharev, JSC Design & manufacture of aerospace instruments Russia
119 Simplex Manufacturing  Special mission equipment USA
120 SPA HotSpring, Ltd Hydromassage SPA Russia
121 SPA Vzlet, JSC Aviation work Russia
122 Stop-Choc Schwingungstechnik GmbH+Co.KG Vibration technology Germany
123 Stupino Machine-Building Industrial Enterprise, JSC Helicopter frames and equipment manufacturer  Russia
124 Techservice-Motors, Ltd Aerodrome construction & design Russia
125 TEK-KNOW, CJSC Calibration and instrumentation equipment Russia
126 Trace Worldwide Corporation Representation for aviation manufacturers, export management,engineering,technical services for aviation products USA
127 Transas, CJSC Avionics, simulators Russia
128 TsAGI, JSC State Science Research Institute of Civil Aviation Russia
129 Turbomeca Safran Group Engine manufacturer France
130 Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant , JSC Helicopter and spare parts manufacturer  Russia
131 Universal Aero,CJSC Manufacture of ground support equipment Russia
132 Ural Optical and  Mechanical Plant Optronic target and surveillance systems Russia
133 UTair, JSC Airline Russia
134 Vector Aviation Production MI-2 helicopter supply,leasing& repair Russia 
135 Vertical De Aviacion LTDA Airline, helicopter repair center Columbia
136 Vertical- T, Ltd Air company Russia
137 Vertolet Magazine Russia
138 Voronezh Mechanical Plant Mechanical engineering Russia
139 Vyborg Civil Aviation Technical College Training center Russia
140 Vzlet/ Take-off Magazine Russia
141 Wings of Motherland Military News Agency Russia
142 www.avia.ru Internet portal Russia
143 www.aviaport.ru Internet portal Russia
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