May 15 - 17

Visa Support

We will provide the tourists with the invitation necessary for Russian Tourist Visa obtaining.

Please fill in the form and send it along with a scanned copy of your passport by e-mail

  • Form in English
  • Form in Russian

Terms of Visa support

General Information:

  1. Foreigners should be in possession of a valid national internal or foreign passport for entry and exit from Russia or for transit through Russia.
  2. Foreigners can enter and leave Russia or travel by transit with a visa.

Russian entry visas are issued by Russian Consulates and Consular Departments of Russian Embassies abroad.

To obtain a visa, the following documents should be presented to the Consular Office:

  • a valid passport, duly completed visa application, three recent passport photos (3×4 cm);
  • a letter from the travel agency and a copy of Intourist notice confirming the booking of tourist services – to secure a tourist visa.
  • a ticket (or a voucher for a ticket) with confirmed dates and itinerary of transit travel through Russia, as well as a letter from the travel agency with Intourist’s confirmation of services provided on arrival and departure, transfer and excursions in the points reserved by the client – to secure a transit visa.

The above mentioned documents should be presented in advance to the Russian Consulate in your country, in accordance with the rules established by them.

All foreign citizens arriving to Russia have to complete a migration card while passing through customs. Migration card will be given to foreigners before crossing the border (in airplanes, trains, buses, ships, etc.) Please be careful in filing in this migration card and keep this card until leaving Russia.

IMPORTANT! According to legislation of Russian Federation, all foreign citizens should be registered within 3 days at the accommodation place (hotel).

If you have any further questions or need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact by e-mail: – Tatyana Melnikova.

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