May 15 - 17

HeliRussia 2017 to showcase a hybryd of a car and helicopter

The 10th anniversary International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia, which will be held from 25 to 27 May in Moscow, gathers more and more interesting exhibits that may be of interest to the widest audience. This year the “Gaznanotech” company will demonstrate two pre-production models of its VENTOCOPTER project and would share latest news on its development.

VENTOCOPTER is an engine-powered aircraft with a rotor driven by the oncoming air flow. Its rotor and engine are independent systems.

According to the developer, this system is safer and less sensitive to turbulence. Its operational ceiling ranges from 1 meter above ground to 6 km.

Two models of VENTOCOPTER will be showcased at HeliRussia 2017 –  R1 and A1. R1 is equipped with a gasoline rotary engine with 250hp output. Maximum thrust, speed and maneuverability is achieved by its high power and two propelling rotors. R1’s full takeoff weight is 850 kg (about 1800 pounds), the maximum speed is estimated at 250 km/h (approx. 155mph). This model can be operated outside equipped runways and is intended for general aviation use.

VENTOCOPTER A1 is a heavy multipurpose hypoplane with a gasoline internal combustion engine. The take-off weight of the model is 800 kg (about 1750 pounds) and maximum speed estimated at 180 km/h (110mph). Without refueling A1 can cover about 600 km (372 miles) of distance. Amongst its advantages are relative ease of piloting, cost-efficiency, ability to use small unequipped airfields.  

VENTOCOPTER A1 is capable of carrying out a number of tasks, including cargo and passenger transportation, flights, search and rescue operations, medical evacuation, monitoring and so on.

“Gaznanotech” have been developing the VENTOCOPTER project in cooperation with “Kovrov Electromechanical Plant” since 2009. Several prototypes of aircraft have been built with about a dozen patent applications filed. The last 8 years’ R&D works led to the optimal engineering solutions, proved by flight tests.


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