June 10-12

Rotorcraft Beauty – 2024

The best photos featured in the industry Photo Contest would be present at the XVII International Helicopter Industry Exhibition, the winners will be awarded.
The Helicopter Industry Association announces the initial receipt of photographs
for participation in the International Photo Contest “Rotorcraft Beauty”.
The Photo Contest accepts photographic works from Russian and foreign authors, professional and amateur photographers, media, museums, galleries.
Over the 16-year history of the photo contest, over 5,200 photographs from 17 countries were competing. 228 photographers received the awards.
The photo contest “Rotorcraft Beauty” features four nominated categories:
• Helicopter-Soldier
• Helicopter- Toiler
• Helicopter & Nature
• Helicopter-Sportsman

Please get acquainted with the Contest rules/terms of participation and application procedure on the relevant page on the website of the Helicopter Industry Association (HIA).
Summation and Awarding Ceremony of the finalists traditionally takes place at the International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia 2024.
Photos are accepted by e-mail info@helirussia.ru a copy of the emails should also be sent to bulat@rvs-holding.ru.
We invite companies that are ready to act as sponsors and partners in organizing and conducting a Photo Contest to cooperate.
Contacts : www.helirussia.ru
Photo contest page
On partnership and sponsorship issues: volodina@rvs-holding.ru

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