May 15 - 17

Participants of HeliRussia 2024

Field of activity
ATS, LTD - Supply of spare parts and assemblies, organization of repairs, manufacture of equipment and ground support facilities
Supply of spare parts and parts
Design and manufacture of testing equipment for helicopters and aircraft
Fuel Stations
Developer&manufacturer of ground-based power supplies for aviation also other general-purpose ground handling equipment and lighting equipment
Develops and produces automatic control systems and associated elements as well as integrated flight and flight-and-navigation systems for different types of aircraft
One of the largest aircraft instrument building companies in Russia. Corporation’s products include aircraft instruments, avionics and simulators
Dynamically developing diversified company as part of JSC "KRET", specializing in the development and production of modern aerometric instruments, safety and life support systems
Develops and manufactures helicopter avionic equipment
Rosoboronexport supports implementation of large-scale projects aimed at the improvement of defense capacity of partner countries, and at comprehensive consolidation and innovative development of enterprises and entities of Russia’s MIC
INS, AHRS, IMU, airborne computers, compass systems, MFI, FDI, HSI, avionics components: laser gyros and DTG, accelerometers, torque motors
Aviation equipment design & manufacture
Development, manufacturing, certification and technical inoperation follow-up of different airborne equipment for all Russian airplanes and helicopters
Specializes in development and manufacture of the following equipment for all types of civil and military aircraft and helicopters
Manufacturer of autopilots, automatic control systems, flight control complexes, airborne digital computers for almost all types of Russian vehicles
UEC is a vertically-integrated company producing engines for military and civil aviation, commercial programs, equipment of various strengths for generating electric and heat energy, gas pumping systems and marine gas-turbine units
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