June 10-12

Participants of HeliRussia 2022

Field of activity
Development and production of automatic control systems, flight and flight and navigation systems for helicopters of all types and MVL aircraft, on-board control panels for long-haul aircraft, a set of on-board equipment for an airship
Design and manufacture of aircraft chassis and components
Provider of services for the organization and implementation of complex repair and maintenance services, as well as the modernization of aviation equipment
Development and production of aviation radio communication equipment, search and rescue equipment, test equipment for radio communication facilities, as well as cable products for aviation and special ground equipment
Supply of spare parts and assemblies, organization of repairs, manufacture of equipment and ground support facilities
Industry agency providing information services for business support in the aviation industry
Development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles for specialized tasks of customers
Supply of spare parts and parts
Development and production of on-board systems and components for aviation technology
Develops and manufactures unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and payloads for them, provides a full range of services using UAS, and is also an integrator of industry digital solutions with geospatial data
Development and production of aerometric instruments
JSC-development, production, maintenance and repair of aviation equipment
Delivery and repair of aviation technical equipment. Sale of helicopters and components
Development, production and repair of electrical products for aircraft
Design and manufacture of testing equipment for helicopters and aircraft
Supplier of engines, spare parts, components and assemblies of aircraft for the aviation market in Russia and the CIS countries
Producers of rotor aircrafts WASP-500
Manufacture and installation of LED, light signal, meteorological and other equipment for heliports and landing sites
One of the world leaders in the helicopter industry, the only developer and manufacturer of helicopters in Russia
National Aerospace Magazine
Information and analytical all-Russian weekly newspaper
Vertically Integrated Titanium Smelter
Preparation, processing and supply of aeronautical data for TAWS; On-board multifunctional BMS systems; AZN-V; RAAS systems
Manufacturer of aviation radio communication equipment for military and civil equipment
Thermal imaging devices, radiometrical equipment, electro-optical position finding devices, research on the optical characteristics of objects and backgrounds, metrological support for thermal imaging and radiometrical devices
Private Russian company that develops and manufactures SINS ,gyro-stabilized platforms, drives electric motors
Heliport "Gorka" is an innovative Russian business aviation center
Development and production of avionics for helicopters
Development, supply and modernization of devices, development, provision of licensed production
The main supplier of Russian weapons and military equipment
The official press organ of the Union of Transport Workers of Russia and the committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry on transport and forwarding
Shooting from the Air develops and implements its own and partner industry unmanned aerial solutions
"EMT" Ltd. delivers more than 20 years the equipment and technical means for ground and flight tests
The largest Russian manufacturer of bearings. It unites 6 leading bearing plants in Russia and Kazakhstan. Has its own design service and a modern test center
Creation and production of individual life support systems for pilots and cosmonauts, means of rescuing crews and passengers in case of an aircraft accident, aircraft refueling systems in flight
Development, manufacture, supply and maintenance during the life cycle of automated systems for meteorological support of transport
Development, testing and manufacturing of the air rescue equipment for evacuation and emergency medical care, development, testing and manufacturing of aircraft new modern ground support equipment and helicopters equipment
Center for the modernization of helicopters of the Mi-8 family; developer and manufacturer of VDB.6130.000 external auxiliary fuel tanks and SAP.4011.000 helicopter emergency splashdown systems for Mi-8/17 helicopters
Developer and manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles for the transportation of goods and for medevac purposes
Modern educational and research complex recognized in Russia and abroad that prepares highly qualified personnel for science-intensive industries
Development and production of airborne and ground weather navigation radars
A set of marketing activities, development and implementation of targeted scientific and technical programs, formation of scientific, technical and technological policy of the Concern's enterprises
One of the largest Russian companies in the field of on-board equipment for military and civil aviation, air defense systems, missile systems, ground vehicles and other high-tech industries
National Aviation Magazine
Model design bureau, specializing primarily in the development, design, production of flying children's aircraft models
Educational institution
Navigation and landing equipment and flight controls
Manufacturer of life support systems for aircraft, helicopters and manned spacecraft
National Trade Magazine
Creating industry solutions using professional and amateur drones
Industry News Agency
Magazine, expert information resource in the field of defense industry
Journal of the defense industry and the defense industry
UEC is a vertically-integrated company producing engines for military and civil aviation, commercial programs, equipment of various strengths for generating electric and heat energy, gas pumping systems and marine gas-turbine units
One of the leading enterprises of the Russian aviation industry in the development of onboard avionics
Aviation instrumentation
Development and production of aeronautical air, ground and sea radio communication equipment
Independent all-Russian interindustry newspaper about industry and for industrialists
Development, production and repair of aircraft onboard inertial navigation systems and complexes, flight and navigation electromechanical, multifunctional display devices
Supply of aviation spare parts and consumables
Industry specialized reference magazine
Development and production of sensors, alarms, pressure gauges, pressure measurement systems for operation in difficult operating conditions at aviation, rocket-space and marine facilities
Leading Russian company for the development and maintenance of engines for aircraft, helicopters and missiles
Production and supply of unique lubricants and hydraulic fluids for military and civil aviation
Overhaul, modernization and re-equipment of Mi-8 / Mi-17, Ka-27, Ka-32 helicopters; creation of service centers, development and production of ground control devices, aviation training center
Supply of aviation oils, lubricants and hydraulic fluids
Development, production and operational support of on-board fuel control systems, equipment for control and vibration control of aircraft engines, etc.
Design and manufacture of helipads and other metal structures
Information and analytical magazine about transport
Federal business magazine
A wide range of aviation services in the commercial and business aviation market: from the operation of aircraft and helicopters, to the maintenance and modernization of aircraft
Development, production, after-sales service: on-board equipment complexes for helicopters, on-board aviation systems, on-board equipment control panels
Production of autopilots, automatic control systems, navigation and flight systems, on-board digital computers for almost all types of domestic aircraft
Purchase and sale of new and end-of-life helicopters, service in Russia and Europe, pilot retraining services in Europe, as well as a full range of spare parts
Shvabe has unique technologies in development and production of optical materials, acousto-optics, low-temperature optics, high-energy lasers, and also in the processing of large-scale astronomical optics
Creation of aviation radio equipment, systems of radio-electronic and optical-electronic protection of aircraft and helicopters from aviation and anti-aircraft missile systems
Оne of the leading Russian developers and serial manufacturers of pressure measuring devices for aviation and rocket and space technology, as well as devices for monitoring the parameters of the IUS BTVB objects and special vehicles
The largest helicopter operator in Russia and one of the leaders in the global helicopter business
The enterprise is certified for the right to perform repair and maintenance work for An-2 aircraft, Mi-2, Mi-8, Mi-8MTV-1, Mi-8AMT, Mi-171 helicopters, as well as for the maintenance of foreign-made helicopters of type VO- 105, AS-355
Business Aviation Portal
Specialized portal for job search and recruitment in the aviation industry
Magazine of global air ambulance and air rescue community
Specialist news and information website
Business Aviation Internet Portal
Multifunctional helicopter service center
Leading international helicopter magazine
Information and analytical support of foreign economic activity of companies
Investment in diamonds, strategy and individual portfolio models
Maintenance repair & overhaul services
Internet portal about helicopters
Information and analytical portal "Technology of mechanical engineering"
MRO/spare parts
Provides the full range of services while purchasing and operating helicopters from the USA and Europe on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries
Magazine dedicated to the world of motor yachting
Industry media partners