June 10-12

10th anniversary International helicopter industry exhibition HeliRussia 2017 highlights

On May 25 in the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center will open the 10th anniversary International helicopter industry exhibition HeliRussia which isheld according to the Russian Government Resolution #1140-r of June 19, 2015.

It is organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The title sponsor of the event is the Russian Helicopters. The official partner is Exclases Holdings. The expo is held upon the initiative and with support of the Association of Helicopter Industry.

Two exhibition halls of pavilion #1 and the open site of the show near the pavilion with a total space of 12 400 square meters will accommodate the displays of 237 companies (224 last year) from 21 countries of the world (last year representatives of 15 countries participated), 22 helicopters, two gyroplanes, as well as 15 domestic and foreign-made drones.

HeliRussia is the only expo in Russia to feature the whole range of products and services of the helicopter industry from design, production and modernization up to operation and servicing.

HeliRussia is the biggest specialized helicopter exhibition in Europe and the second largest show in the world. It allows Russia to successfully demonstrate its high-tech achievements.

HeliRussia traditionally displays the best and vital achievements in the industry and sums up the results of the previous year. The display and the guidelines of its business program reflect perspective trends in the development of helicopter production.

The following countries will participate in HeliRussia-2017: Russia, Belarus, the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, Israel, Australia, Italy, Spain, Malta, Finland, Belgium, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Norway, Libya, the Netherlands, South Africa and China. There are 50 foreign participants (44 last year). It is to be noted that French companies are represented in a single national pavilion.

The Russian display at the exhibition will be representative as always. Traditionally HeliRussia will feature a unified display of Rostec State Corporation and its 23 enterprises: Russian Helicopters Holding which is the title sponsor of the exhibition, KRET, RT-Chemcomposite, Technodinamika, ODK, Rosoboronexport, Ramenskoe Instrument-Manufacturing Design Bureau, Izmeritel Scientific and Production Enterprise, Techpribor, NPP Polyot, OPK, Electroavtomatika Design Bureau, KBPA, Ramenskoe Instrument-manufacturing Plant, UKBP and others.

The Russian Helicopters will display on the open site at the entrance to the pavilion a Mi-38T transport helicopter and inside the exhibition hall a VIP option of Ansat helicopter will be displayed. Unmanned technologies are an important part of modern design and the Russian Helicopters will show an unmanned tiltrotor designed by its VR-Technologies bureau.

KRET will offer the latest samples of onboard radio-electronic equipment, laser targeting system for viewing and sighting, helmet-mounted indication and targeting sight and other perspective designs.

RPKB will demonstrate a unified piloting complex for all types of helicopters, a set of LED lighting equipment and for the first time the latest onboard complex of Ansat helicopter which will be presented at HeliRussia.

The Romashin Technologia (part of RT-Chemcomposite) will offer a wide range of polymeric composite material products and structured optics produced by the enterprise for the helicopter industry, including electrically-heated organic triplex for the Russian Ka-62 helicopter which allows operating the craft in Arctic conditions. It will also display heterogenic triplexes with polycarbonate.

AVIACOM will present its latest designs – BNP4 bloc of navigational receivers, radio ranger DME1, and air radio ranger RPA-500. The equipment was created with advanced technologies and by its technical and functional level is on a par with the best analogues produced by the world leaders of the aerospace industry.

PRIMA will present the KSS-17 set of communications means which is an advanced radio communication complex designed for the latest Russian Mi-171A2 helicopter, as well as a full range of modern radio communication equipment for helicopters which includes radio stations of various bands, aircraft intercom, voice announcement devices, wireless communication devices and many other designs.

VNIIRA-Navigator will demonstrate small-size air situation monitoring system MSNBO-2010 which is a compact and power efficient device with AZN In and TIS-B 1090ES functions, as well as class 2 ADS-R. It is the first domestic product capable of not only receiving AZN-V and TIS-B 1090ES data but also providing data on the air situation to indicators of both civilian and military aircraft. The company will also display the BMS-Indicator navigational system which unites the functional capabilities of a flight computer, mapping information synthesizing system, and basic capabilities of the ground impact early warning system.  

It has become a tradition for HeliRussia to begin the demonstration of new designs in the helicopter industry with a concept and each year to demonstrate the development of the project up to the ready-made full-scale craft.

The Heliwhale Company at HeliRussia 2015 demonstrated for the first time its first offspring – the Afalina two-seater helicopter. At the 2017 show it will display a real helicopter ready for flight tests. In the past two years the development of the helicopter was ongoing, its construction upgraded, some components changed and others passed endurance tests. In 2015 the Afalina made headline news at the exhibition and the demonstration of a craft ready for flight tests is likely to become a major event of the 2017 exhibition.

HeliRussia 2017 will for the first time feature two models of new flying craft VENTOCOPTER which are prepared for serial production. It is a rotorcraft with the main rotor driven by progressively advancing air flow due to a power unit which operates independently from the lifting rotor. The technical advantage is the absence of stall situation and the ability to safely land even in extreme conditions, a stable flight in strong wind and little response to air turbulence. The engagement range of the craft begins with 1 meter over the surface and the physical ceiling exceeds 6 kilometers (provided additional oxygen equipment).

The VENTOCOPTER project is implemented by GAZNANOTECH Company in cooperation with the Kovrov Electromechanical Works of Rostec State Corporation. The development of VENTOCOPTER began in 2009 and is carried out on the basis of its own design bureau. During the time the optimal constructive, component and technological solutions were found. Besides bright design, salon comfort and operational convenience, one of the competing advantages is the cost of VENTOCOPTER which is expected to be several times less than comparable helicopters.

RD-Heli will present a new modification of superlight coaxial Micron helicopter which is a development of the ideas of Dmitry Rakitsky, a well-known pilot, instructor and test person of aviation hardware. Micron was designed and created by aviation engineer Valery Shokhov with the support of Gyroplane.ru team as a fast and light air scouter with high controllability and exceptional maneuverability. The multirole Micron is ideally suitable for all missions assigned to general-purpose aviation, including drones.

Russia at present faces the task of creating a domestic small-capacity engine for light and superlight aircraft, including drones. The Engines for Aviation Company has been engaged with the task for over four years and uses as the basis the designs produced since the ’80s of the past century. At present all theoretical research has been experimentally confirmed in laboratories and implemented in a project of the DDA-120 engine with a capacity of 120 horsepower the prototype of which was produced by a 3D printer and will for the first time feature at HeliRussia-2017. The project has a unique fuel system design which gives the DDA-120 engine high unit horsepower comparable to modern petrol engines and the fuel efficiency of a diesel engine. The first prototype will be created by the end of 2017.

Aircraft engines will also be displayed by the Klimov Company (TV7-117V turboshaft engine, VK-800V engine, automatic regulation system BARK-6V), the ODK-Star (fuel control pump NR-2500), VKMS (TV3-11VMA-SBM1V turboshaft engine, auxiliary gas-turbine engine AI-9V-1) and by Turbomeca Safran Group.

The multi-utility RVS-HOLDING Company which last year became the first commercial operator of the Russian multipurpose Ansat helicopter will present the medical option of the craft, as well as the only private aviation training center in the country which offers courses to fly and technically service Ansat helicopters.

The AB Sistem Company will demonstrate the Heli-STAR software complex and mobile application to it. Heli-STAR automatically maintains flightworthiness of any aircraft while the mobile application provides for rapid exchange of data on the state of a craft and its readiness for a flight.

HeliRussia 2017 will feature the TakeHeli project which is a mobile application to order helicopters around the globe. It is a unique technological international service which makes booking of helicopters as easy as calling a taxi. It allows selecting a popular helicopter tour or forming an individual route and immediately counting the cost and paying online.

The Russian market of helicopter services is still in complicated conditions but remains of interest for foreign producers of helicopter hardware and equipment. The expo will be attended by all major foreign players in the helicopter industry: Airbus Helicopters, Bell Helicopter, Leonardo Helicopters, Robinson Helicopter, Hensoldt Optronics, LOM PRAHA, Pall Corporation, Trace Worldwide Corporation, Safran Group and others.

France will continue to enjoy specific attention among foreign countries. Its united display will feature such national companies as LEACH INTERNATIONAL EUROPE S.A.S., NICOMATIC, SELA, HUTCHINSON, PERMASWAGE, BUSINESS France.

The exhibition will present helicopters of AW Family produced by Leonardo Helicopters: AW139 and AW189, as well as AW119 Grand New helicopter.

Bell Helicopter is to show Bell 407GXP assembled at the Ural Plant of Civilian Aviation in the framework of a license agreement with Bell Helicopter signed in May 2015 at HeliRussia. Two such helicopters were supplied to the Civil Aviation College in Omsk.

Airbus Helicopters will participate with the medical option of H145 while dealers of Robinson Helicopter will show R44 and R66 helicopters. All the craft are operational in Russia.

Besides helicopters, HeliRussia annually demonstrates a rich collection of various additional equipment designed in Russia and abroad. In current economic conditions helicopter operators work to get maximum payback from the fleet of their craft. Therefore, the demand for equipment which can expand the use of the hardware is growing in the whole world. Russia is no exception.

The Australian Turtle-Pac will demonstrate at HeliRussia 2017 plastic fuel containers which can be used as additional fuel tanks inside the aircraft or be mounted (also on outside suspension) to provide fuel to the hardware on the ground. The endurance of the material allows airdropping fuel containers to the ground or water with a parachute or without it if the airdrop is done from a low altitude. Turtle-Pac fuel containers may be of interest to many aircraft operators in Russia.

The Norwegian Hansen Protection Company will display personal protection Sea Air Barents for helicopter passengers in the coastal zone. It is already used by Gazpromneft Shelf, Lukoil, Sakhalin Energy, ENEL and Petrofac companies.

The Amphenol Company added another powerful Triax/Twinax element to its family of distribution modules for airborne avionics. It will be displayed at HeliRussia-2017. The module distributes high-frequency signals by ARINC 429 standard with a frequency up to 100 kHz. The modules are used on aircraft and helicopters to connect avionics devices with each other.

The Aeromaritime Mediterranean Company from Malta will display aircraft engines Rolls-Royce M250 and RR300. Besides, company representatives will speak about the ability of the enterprise to service and repair engines PW100 and PW200 of Pratt & Whitney Canada.

The Israeli ALD will present software for aviation business which resolves a wide range of assignments beginning from engineering and systemic tasks to customer care. Company products feature such solutions as RAM Commander, Safety Commander, FavoWeb and Favoweb ESRA.

Visitors of the display of the international ORBIT Company headquartered in Israel will enjoy a chance of testing the Orion 3D Audio system with flight controlled sound. It expands awareness of the situation and decreases the load on the pilot thus ensuring flight safety.

The British H+S Company will display MRO capabilities for aircraft engines. It has been offering them to Russian customers since 2001 upon approval of domestic aviation authorities.

The Czech LOM PRAHA will acquaint the visitors with technical maintenance and modernization opportunities for Mi-8/17 and Mi-24/35 helicopters. Besides, LOM PRAHA offers to train pilots and designs technologies for aircraft simulators.

The Finnish Coptersafety will demonstrate at HeliRussia-2017 its potential to train pilots of Leonardo AW139, AW169, AW189 and Airbus Helicopters H125 and H145 on aircraft simulators. The company has a fully equipped training center located not far from the airport of Helsinki.

The Italian AERO SEKUR will demonstrate emergency buoys and life rafts, as well as rescue systems helping to stay afloat in an emergency situation. Such systems integrated into the fuselage are used to equip helicopters engaged in offshore flights and search-and-rescue operations. Besides, the company will show additional soft fuel tanks for helicopters which meet European and American aviation standards.

The Australian office of the ACES Systems International Company which for the first time participates in HeliRussia will acquaint guests and experts with designs in vibration balancing and analysis of the steering and lifting helicopter rotors. ACES Systems solutions make it possible for operators to tune up and calibrate the carrying systems on the basis of obtained data.

The US Pall Aerospace will again demonstrate at HeliRussia its innovative designs to filter the air of aviation engines. Pall air filters provide for efficient and safe operation of helicopters in various climatic conditions and protect the engine from dust, sea salt, rain, ice, snow and small particles. In particular, the new Russian Mi-171A2 helicopter is equipped with Pall dustproof filters.

The German ADAC HEMS Academy GmbH will present a simulator demonstrator for H145 helicopter pilots (Avionic Trainer H145) with a prototype of Helionix control panel.

There will be innovations from DART Aerospace and Genesys-Aerosystems and other interesting new foreign designs.

The Russian HELIATICA Company will for the first time present to the professional community two designs created in cooperation with Russian and foreign partners: a universal suspended complex for aerial survey and monitoring (jointly with Russian Geoscan and Spanish Heliswiss Iberica) and blind area survey system (jointly with Heliswiss Iberica). Both solutions were designed for light helicopters Robinson R44 and R66, Bell 206 and 407, Airbus Helicopters H120, H125, H130, AS350 and AS355.

The jubilee HeliRussia will pay specific attention to unmanned craft displayed both stationary and in motion. Among the drones we would name those presented by the Aviation Robots Company: SUPERCAM S350 (Russia), GEOSCAN 201 (Russia), UAV FACTORY PENGUIN C (Latvia), Lehmann Aviation LA 500 (France). The new product of Copter Express is the autonomous quadcopter with 24/7 charger (the drone fulfils its scheduled mission and by command returns to the base for recharging). The Russian Aviation House Company will display Orlan-10 drone.

Chinese drone designs will also be present – helicopter-type SU-H2M, vertical takeoff and landing SU-FA200 aircraft, Su-M6 hexacopter, and SU-MX01 tethered drone.

The HeliRussia 2017 plans the first show of the new Russian design named Unmanned automatic alignment system for researched construction (UAS YURIK). It is a multirole and multicopter system which is distinguished by an unusual configuration and flight algorithm. The craft can fulfil a wide range of aviation works. It can potentially engage in autonomous missions in the absence of a GPS or GLONASS signals as it has its own positioning capabilities.

The characteristics of the craft have to be confirmed by flight tests. However the UAS YURIK demonstrator has already passed some trials. The operating prototype was displayed in July this year and the serial production is scheduled for 2018. The UAS YURIK project is designed by Electroavtomatika Company jointly with Aviation Space Technologies Scientific and Production Amalgamation.

UAS YURIK designer will also for the first time demonstrate its innovation on the basis of the Begalet platform called ECOX7 Greenfly. It is an environment-friendly electromobile-aircraft designated to operate in highly protected nature preserves.

By tradition HeliRussia will not only demonstrate the achievements of the global helicopter industry but will also offer a platform to discuss vital regional, industry and inter-industry problems. Over 60 events will be held in three days of the exhibition.

A large-scale business event of the exhibition will be the 6th Interdepartmental scientific and practical conference Russian Sanitary Aviation and Medical Evacuation-2017 held at the show since 2012. During the time the conference developed into a major Russian platform to discuss sanitary aviation development, medical evacuation and upgrades of aviation rescue technologies. The open format of the discussion and the interdisciplinary approach attracts various professionals to the event. The conference promotes an exchange of opinions among medics and pilots, engineers and managers, civilian and military experts, as well as designers and operators of corresponding hardware and equipment.

The exhibition will feature producers of medical equipment for aircraft.

The long-standing business card of HeliRussia is the international conference Helicopter Market: Realities and Prospects which is addressed by experts of the US Honeywell Aerospace Company with an analysis and forecast of the global helicopter market development and indicators of the Russian helicopter market prospects.

The Radioelectronic Technologies Concern will traditionally hold a conference Aviation Onboard Equipment at the exhibition.

This year will continue discussions launched a year ago about the Industry of unmanned aviation systems which are to determine the UAS development vector and pay specific attention to target markets and financing conditions of the industry as piloted and unmanned hardware has many common issues. The event targets representatives of federal and regional authorities, designers, producers, experts, suppliers of various drones, as well as companies that operate UAS.

A new guideline in the business program of the exhibition is devoted to the Year of Environment in Russia. A major conference Aviation and Environment is planned to draft solutions and decrease the load on the ecosystem produced by the aircraft industry. The event will engage aircraft industry representatives and environmentalists.

The business program of the exhibition will include several other interesting and fruitful events. The Interregional public organization of pilots and owners of aircraft (AOPA-Russia) will hold a seminar Safety of Light Helicopter Flights. The Association of Helicopter Industry will organize a round-table on Equipment and Operation of Helipads. The Fund for Perspective Research will sum up the results of the open contest for the best demonstrator of a vertical or super-short takeoff and landing flying craft.

Participation in business events is free but preliminary registration is necessary on the exhibition website.

Gala events are an integral part of the exhibition program. The main event of the year for the helicopter community is undoubtedly the ceremony to award the annual Best in Profession Prize of the Helicopter Industry Association which will be held on May 25 at the opening ceremony.

Traditional gala ceremony to award the winners and laureates of the photo contest Beauty of Rotary-wing machines organized by the Association of Helicopter Industry will be also held. The best 40 photos will be displayed during the whole period of the exhibition.

A new event at HeliRussia will be the decoration of the winners and laureates of the first Pan-Russian contest of general-purpose airfields and helipads held by the Federation of Aviation Lovers with the support of the Association of Helicopter Industry. Organizers hope the contest will promote the development of modern GPA airfield infrastructure and investments into the sphere.

The Russian Federation of Helicopter Sport will present the biggest helicopter sport projects abroad – World Cup stages in helicopter races in Austria, Belarus, the UK, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic as well as the most important events to be held in Russia in 2017.

There will be the Clear Prop! international child and youth creativity festival which will hold a series of educational and entertaining events to promote interest in aviation among young guests of the exhibition.

One of the exciting and bright events in HeliRussia-2017 program is the HeliRussia Drone Racing Cup. The competition will see drones with framework size up to 90mm piloted through eyeglasses or helmet. The registration for the HeliRussia Drone Racing Cup is open at the exhibition website for everyone willing to participate.

HeliRussia 2017 will be an interesting, rich in events and diversified exhibition. It will be fruitful both for aviation professionals and amateurs and for people interested in the development of aerospace technologies.

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