May 16-18

HeliRussia 2016 demonstrates the importance of global integration in helicopter industry

Global helicopter market maintains openness and transparency even in a current difficult political situation, which indicates a high degree of its world-wide development and the importance of international cooperation in aerospace.

The IX International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia 2016 running from 19 to 21 May in Moscow, will host the 8th specialized conference “Helicopter Market: Reality and Prospects”. Paulo Menegusso, market analyst for the US-based Honeywell Aerospace, will speak at the event along with the Russian experts.

HeliRussia supports integration between Russian and international helicopter industry and the conference on helicopter market contributes to the effective information flow between countries.

Russian experts will provide an overview of the current state of Russian commercial helicopters in operation, including their number by types and models at the event. Their use by type of aerial works will be analyzed, as well as their state of airworthiness and operation intensity.

Paulo Menegusso will speak on trends and procedures of foreign helicopter operators of s and will present a report on the international helicopter market prospects.

“Helicopter Market: Reality and Prospects” conference is a unique event for the helicopter industry. It gathers both Russian and international experts, consumers, R&D specialists, manufacturers and helicopter operators into one workgroup, thus allowing to perform a comprehensive analysis of the global helicopter market. The result presents a trustworthy prognosis of the market’s development.

The Conference’s findings represent a high value as for suppliers and operators of helicopters, and for service providers, manufacturers, developers, regulators and experts in the industry.

The organizers of the 8th International Conference “Helicopter Market: Reality and Perspectives” are the Helicopter Industry Association and sectoral agency “AviaPort”.

This Conference is a joint project of the Helicopter Industry Association and AviaPort Agency.

Participation is free for all exhibitors registered on the website of the IX International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia 2016.

Registration for the conference will be opened at the exhibition web-site in mid-March.

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