May 15 - 17

Exhibitor Profile

We invite to take part in the exhibition

  • Manufacturers & operators of helicopters, gyroplanes, tiltrotors /
  • Manufacturers  of other aviation equipment.
  • Enterprises MRO Services
  • Rental and sale of aircraft equipment and components
  • Equipment for MRO (including mobile repair stations, fuel testing laboratories, forklifts, ladders, ramps, etc.)
  • Manufacturers of components for aviation equipment (including impact-resistant glass, bearings, navigation, on-board optical equipment, communications equipment, etc.)
  • Training centers
  • Scientific&Research centers
  • Infrastructure
  • Airport and airfield vehicles
  • Fatigue/special clothing, overalls & shoes
  • Paint-and-varnish coatings/protective coatings
  • Additive technologies for the aviation industry
  • Composite materials for aviation
  • Aviation interiors
  • Manufacturers of helipads (prefabricated helipads, materials for them)
  • Lighting equipment/helipad lighting/airfield lighting
  • UAV/ UAS, manufacturers,operators
  • Component and spare parts and equipment manufacturers for UAVs
  • Manufacturers of machine tools (including metalworking)
  • Manufacturers of laser equipment and technology
  • Tools for repair and adjustment of equipment
  • Fuels and lubricants, manufacturers of stationary and mobile refueling complexes (refueling trucks)
  • Manufacturers of emergency equipment
  • Rescue devices for rescue and evacuation
  • Fire-fighting equipment, satellite navigation systems, thermal imagers, crew personal protective equipment
  • Emergency medical modules, including complexes for neonatal patients transportation
  • Microelectronics
  • Photonics
  • IT technologies
  • Drilling platforms
  • Financial and leasing structures (banks, funds, insurance and leasing organizations)


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