June 10-12

HeliRussia 2017 to hold the Drone Racing Cup

The 10th International helicopter industry exhibition HeliRussia, that will be held from May 25 to 27 in Moscow, continues to expand its program. The recent addition is the Drone Racing Cup. This spectacular and exciting event is an evolution from the Drone Racing held at the expo in 2016 –  it attracted considerable interest among HeliRussia visitors with more than 30 drone pilots participating.

Drone racing is a relatively new kind of competition which involves a miniature unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or “drones”. They are distinguished by high speed and maneuverability. In addition to regular controls, drone racing involves “first person view” flying via special FPV-goggles or helmet, broadcasting live video stream from the drone.

Drone racing requires a certain skill set from a pilot – precise control for the miniature UAV, speed reaction and the ability to perceive and navigate in the space of racing track. A circular track with checkpoints to fly-through will be constructed for the Drone Racing Cup at HeliRussia 2017. Video feeds from drones will be broadcasted on monitors for everyone to see.

HeliRussia’s Drone Racing Cup would feature UAVs with a frame size of 90 mm., which is measured diagonally from the opposing engines of the drone, not counting the rotor blades. The event rules would be based on F3U standards of the World Air Sports Federation (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) Sporting Code. Rules of the Drone Racing Cup and information about the prizes to be published on the official website of the HeliRussia 2017 in March with the opening of registration afterwards.

HeliRussia is the largest and one of the most prominent helicopter industry events in Europe and North Asia. Companies within the industry from all over the world annually join HeliRusia demonstrating full range of products and services of the helicopter industry.

In last years more attention in HeliRussia’s exhibition and business programs is turned to the industry of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). For example, 16 different UAV models were presented at HeliRussia 2016, and this year the expo will feature the 2nd International Conference “Industry of Unmanned Aircraft Systems.”

HeliRussia 2017 is held in accordance with the Russian Government’s decree and is organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia. The Helicopter Industry Association provides support for the event.


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