June 10-12

Awarding ceremony of the winners and laureates of the photo contest “The beauty of rotorcraft”

Organizer — Helicopter Industry Association

Competition dates: from 13.02 to 08.04.2020

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Rules of the 13th International photo contest “Beauty of rotary-wing machines”

The helicopter-themed 13th International photo contest “Beauty of rotary-wing machines” is organized by Helicopter Industry Association.

The goal of the photo contest — to promote interest to helicopter industry, demonstration of the best works of photographers working in this area, popularization of helicopters in a society, and promotion of helicopter sports in Russia.

Competition is opened and passes in one round, in following nominations:

  • Helicopter at work;
  • Military helicopter;
  • Helicopter at sports;
  • Helicopter and the nature.

Separate prizes will be handed over for the best photo of the Kamov and Mil helicopters respectively.

A standalone prize in the nomination will be presented by JSC “UEC-Klimov”: “KLIMOV ENGINE IS A HEART”. It will be awarded to the author of the best photograph of helicopter engines developed by JSC “UEC-Klimov” (TV3-117, VK-2500, TV7-117V).

The photo contest is free of charge.

Anyone can participate in the contest. For example, photos are sent by:

  • Russian and international photographers — professional and amateur alike; — Magazines and online edition;
  • Museums;
  • Galleries.

Results of competition will be published on the Helicopter Industry Association website (www.helicopter.su) and on the 13th International helicopter industry exhibition HeliRussia 2020 (www.helirussia.ru).

The awarding ceremony will take place on September 17th, 2020 at 13.00 on the main scene of HeliRussia 2020 hall in the 1st pavilion of the Expo Crocus IEC.

Winners of competition will receive prizes from Helicopter Industry Association, sponsors and partners of competition.

Gallery of the 40 best photos of the contest will be opened in all 3 days of HeliRussia 2020. The photos to be displayed are selected by the organizers of the competition.

Rules of photo contest:

  • Only digital photos are accepted;
  • Collages are not a subject to a competitive evaluation; — Each author can present no more than 5 photos.

How to admit photos to the contest:

Applications are received via this e-mail address:

  • konkurshelicopter@mail.ru
  • Following information is necessary: — Title of the photo
  • Specific nomination (1 of 4)
  • Name of the author
  • Birth date
  • An address with postal index — Contact number
  • E-mail

Following the selection of the photos of the contest, each author has to provide the high-res images.

Organizers are not responsible to any delays and damages if photos are send via postal services. Organizers as well do not notify the authors vial postal service about delivery status.

The photos selected for the exposition are selected by the organizers. If photos are send via postal services, they are not returned. Organizers have the right to use of the photos admitted to the contest in non- commercial advertising, news/press releases, in printed publications, on TV, on the Internet and in other non- commercial uses.

Sending an application for photo contest testifies to the consent with this set of rules. Organizers have the right to edit the given rules.

Photo contest e-mail:


Tel.: +7 (916) 682 13 11

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