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HeliRussia 2018: Most Interesting Premieres and Events of Helicopter Industry

The 11th International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia 2018 – the main industry forum of Russia and the CIS, the largest event in helicopter production in Europe and North Asia, will take place on 24 to 26 May in Moscow in the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center. This year HeliRussia 2018 prepared an ever more intense and interesting program: the premiere of three light helicopters will take place at the expo, two new advanced unmanned aerial vehicles developed in Russia, as well as the new engine and on-board equipment for helicopters will be shown. The business program will host three new conferences.

HeliRussia 2018 gathered a broad exposition on an area of 13,100 sq. m with participants from all over the world. 246 companies take part in the expo, including 49 foreign companies from 19 countries: Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Iran, Italy, Libya, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Republic of Korea, Russia, Spain and USA. Last year, 237 companies took part in the expo, including 50 foreign companies.

The most eventful segment, of course, is the rotorcrafts. HeliRussia 2018 will show for the first time the model of helicopter VRT500 of the Russian Helicopters, premiere of the helicopter Kasatka 505, as well as the Russian debut of the new Bell 505 Jet Ranger X. Among UAVs showed at the expo, there will be the model Sirius of the Scientific-Production Association “Aviation and Space Technologies” and the heavy cargo platform SKYF developed by the Experimental Design Bureau “Aviaresheniya”. The French company Safran Helicopter Engines for the first time in Russia will demonstrate the engine of the Anteo family, and “Airborne Navigation Systems” for the first time will present a prototype of airborne system of situational awareness of helicopter crews. New events of the business program are devoted to agricultural aviation, helicopter engine making and the specific features of the international military technical cooperation.

In total, the exhibition will present 19 helicopters. Among them, the Russian models Ansat, VRT500, Mi-171A2, Mi-8AMTSh, the modernized Mi-2, Kasatka 505 and Mikron. Among the helicopters of foreign manufacture, there will be the models Airbus Helicopters H125, EC120B, EC130, EC130B4, Bo-105, Leonardo AW109 Grand New, Bell 407GXP, Bell 505 Jet Ranger X, Robinson R66, as well as CH-77 Ranabot.

HeliRussia 2018 will present 12 models of unmanned aerial vehicles of different types and purposes. It will be the models of Raven-700, Korshun-1, Sirius, Breeze, Geosakan 201 and 401, models Zala 421-08M, 421-16E, 421-16EM, 421-22, and a research quadcopter from the Moscow Aviation Institute and the air cargo platform SKYF.

A bright event in the program of the expo will be the presentation of the light multi-purpose helicopter VRT500 developed by the design bureau “VR-Technologies”, part of Russian Helicopters. The expo will present a full-size model that matches the appearance of the helicopter. Enhanced level of security, unique conversion capabilities and operational efficiency are addressed in the design of VRT500. This, perhaps, is one of the long-expected novelties of the Russian manufacturer. It is planned to make a prototype by the end of 2019, and to bring the novelty to the market already in 2021. According to the company’s forecasts, by 2030, about 700 such helicopters will be produced, and the model will take at least 15% of the world market of helicopters with weight up to 2 tons.

The expo will host the Russian premiere of the long-awaited helicopter Bell 505 Jet Ranger X. This is a light single-engine helicopter, designed for 5 people, released in the world market last year. Bell 505 Jet Ranger X meets all the current requirements for safety, environmental friendliness and comfort. Bell 505 is equipped with a modern engine Arrius 2R from Safran Helicopter Engines with a two-channel electronic-digital control system, has a “glass cockpit” and flight control and navigation system Garmin G1000H which reduces the work on pilot. A serial produced model will be demonstrated at the stand of Bell and Jet Transfer, Bell’s official representative in Russia. Certification of the helicopter by the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency is scheduled for the near future, after which the deliveries will begin. By the way, the first recipient of the new helicopter will be the Ural Works of Civil Aviation, which also participates at the HeliRussia 2018.

Significant interest is expected to the “dark horse” – the light helicopter Kasatka 505 from the Russian experimental design bureau Agan Aircraft Group. The expo will show the prototype, corresponding to the appearance of the serial production vehicle and passing flight tests. In the design of the Kasatka 505 helicopter, a very unusual and practical approach was applied – its rotorcraft system was based on the US helicopter Sikorsky S-52, and the fuselage and avionics are principally new, of Russian design. The helicopter is equipped with a Lycoming O-540 engine and can take four people on board. Kasatka 505 is characterized by a high level of comfort and easiness of operation, intended primarily for private use and for training in piloting. In the future, the range of missions performed by this model will expand.

In addition to Kasatka 505, Agan Aircraft Group will introduce the first light two-seater helicopter CH-77 Ranabot in Russia. Economical and compact, CH-77 Ranabot from the Italian manufacturer Heli-Sport is ideal for recreational flights and piloting training.

Visitors to the expo will be able to familiarize with the new version of the ultralight helicopter Mikron from RD-HELI. This version received a new rotary engine with a power of 73 hp, a fuselage of new layout and new instrument panel. Improvements are designed to make piloting of the Micron more convenient and have already been flight tested.

Among the helicopters presented at the expo, special attention should be paid to the Russian Ansat modernized and equipped with the new medical module. The helicopter will be presented at the stand of Russian Helicopter Systems, which is the largest civilian operator of this type of helicopters.

Developed by the Kazan Aggregate Plant, the new medical module of the Ansat helicopter was created considering the experience of using the serially produced medical module for this helicopter. The new module has improved layout, allows to accommodate up to four medical workers or accompanying persons (previously it was possible to transport up to two), and allows to load a stretcher with a patient through the rear hatch of the helicopter.

Among other Russian models, the modernized military transport helicopter Mi-171Sh will be demonstrated, as well as the new Mi-171A2, recently launched into mass production: the first operator of this type of helicopters will be UTair-Helicopter Services, which owns the largest commercial fleet of Russian-made helicopters.

Another interesting model is the light H125 from Airbus Helicopters. The European company will present the helicopter in upgraded set of 2018 with the Garmin G500H flight display and Garmin GTN 650H navigation system. It is noteworthy that the new equipment supports wireless connection of mobile devices for updating cartographic databases and transferring a preset flight mission.

Leonardo Helicopters will present the light twin AW109 Grand New. In addition, for the first time in Russia, the FirstFlight air simulator will be demonstrated. It simulates a helicopter cockpit and can be configured for various AW family helicopter models.

In addition to the leading aircraft manufacturers, HeliRussia 2018 will demonstrate a wide exposition of foreign companies operating in the helicopter industry. The joint French pavilion organized by the French Association of the Aerospace Industries (GIFAS) will feature six companies: ALKAN, Donaldson Aerospace, Hutchinson, Leach International, Nicomatic и Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. Flight and training simulators will be presented by Coptersafety (Finland), H+S Aviation (UK); PBS Velka Bites (Czech Republic) and Apple International (USA/UK) will introduce helicopter maintenance capabilities; ITP Aero (Italy) with show the developments in the field of engine production; Rockwell Collins Interior Systems (USA) and B/E Aerospace Fischer (Germany) will represent special helicopter seats; and the tools and equipment will be presented by TaeguTec (Republic of Korea) and Aces International (Australia).

The French designer and manufacturer of aircraft engines, Safran Helicopter Engines, for the first time in Russia will demonstrate its new Aneto family turboshaft. The expo will show a full-size mock-up of the new innovative engine. The first model of this series, the Aneto-1K engine, became the main distinguishing feature of the new medium twin AW189K from Leonardo Helicopters. Another model, Aneto-1X, was chosen as the power plant of the high-speed helicopter Racer from Airbus Helicopters.

The exposition of helicopter equipment, systems and components of Russian design will be interesting as well. Airborne Navigation Systems (BANS) for the first time will demonstrate the mockup of the new “Airborne system of situational awareness of helicopter crews” created within the program of import substitution. This complex realizes the observation of air and ground conditions in coordination with other systems of a helicopter and is aimed at improving the safety of flights.

Technodinamika will show a crash-resistant fuel system for Russian helicopters. This unique development allows to increase the flights safety and is designed to prevent spills and ignition of fuel provoked by a crash or a strong impact of a helicopter on surface. The holding plans to adapt this system for all types of Russian-made helicopters.

A novelty from the field of unmanned aerial vehicles for HeliRussia 2018 will be Sirius, an airplane-type UAV, developed by Aviation and Space Technologies Scientific-Production Association. Sirius is designed to perform several important tasks in difficult climatic conditions of the Far North: escorting ships and aircrafts, ice patrol, survey of pipelines passing in the Arctic and retransmission of radio signals.

Another innovative model of UAV which can be seen at HeliRussia 2018, is the world’s first industrial air cargo platform SKYF developed by the Experimental Design Bureau Aviaresheniya. SKYF is a multi-rotor drone built on a unique scheme with separation of lifting and controlling rotors and using a gasoline engine. The key advantage of the vehicle is the carrying capacity phenomenal for a drone of this type, which reaches 250 kg. At the same time, with a cargo of 50 kg, the flight range of SKYF reaches 350 km, and flight duration up to 8 hours. In addition to transportation of goods, the model can be used for performing aerial agricultural works and aerial firefighting. A flying prototype will be demonstrated at HeliRussia 2018.

Of course, this is only a small part of the exposition, which can be seen at HeliRussia 2018. The expo is attended by the innovative companies of different levels, which prepared a lot of interesting news for the event.

An important part of HeliRussia 2018 is the business program. This year, traditional events will be held, which formed and continue to expand their own expert audience. In particular, it is the 7th Scientific and Practical Conference “Aviation Airborne Equipment” organized by the Concern Radioelectronic Technologies, the International conference “Helicopter Market: Realities and Prospects” which is already organized for the 10th time by the Helicopter Industry Association, as well as the 7th Conference Helicopter Emergency Medical Service” organized by the Mobile Medicine and HeliRussia Directorate.

The program of the expo will include other professional events: the round table “Commercial Application of Small Aviation” (organized by AOPA-Russia), the conference “Improvement of Helicopter Technologies for Fire Fighting” (held by HeliRussia Directorate), and the Expert Council “Division of Labor: Helicopters and Unmanned Aircraft in the Market and in the Sky” (organized by the AERONET Association and HeliRussia Directorate).

The HeliRussia business program reflects the current agenda in the helicopter industry and new events allow us to assess its current tasks. The All-Russian Conference on Development of Agricultural Aviation organized by the Foundation for Promotion of Agriculture Development, will be held for the first time. With the growth of production indicators in the agrarian sector, today the problem of revival of the agricultural aviation system in Russia is especially urgent. Another new event is the panel discussion “Life Cycle of Military-Technical Cooperation” conducted by the linguistic partner of the expo – EGO Translating SB. The export of military helicopters was and remains a significant portion of Russian armaments export and during this discussion the issues of helicopters and aircraft technical supplies in the conditions of sanctions will be discussed. Another important event held at the expo for the first time is the conference “The Present and Future of Engine Building for Helicopters” organized by the “Union of Aviation Engine-Building” Association (ASSAD). It will be visited by the reputable industry experts and industry representatives.

The ceremonial part of HeliRussia 2018 will include the grand opening and awarding the winners of the industry contests: “XXI Century Helicopters”, “The Beauty of Rotorcraft Machines – 2018”, “The Best Aerodrome of General Aviation of Russia”, as well as awarding of the winners of the Championship of Professional mastership among the employees of the Russian Helicopters enterprises per the WorldSkills standards. In addition, the expo will celebrate the 60th anniversary of helicopter sport.

The 11th International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia 2018 will be held from 24 to 26 May in Moscow in accordance with the Russian Federation Government Decree No.2403-p dated 30 October 2017. The venue is the 3rd pavilion of the Crocus Expo IEC, halls No. 14 and 15. The organizer of the expo is the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the host is Russian Exhibition Systems, with Russian Helicopters as the title sponsor. The expo is held by the initiative and with the support of the Helicopter Industry Association.

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