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Industry of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Conference

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) — a relatively new branch in the aerospace industry. In recent years the UAS industry has been growing rapidly, extending even in those areas that did not connect with aviation before. UAS industry has a great potential, and their further development is able to determine the shape of the future of aviation.

One of the strategic tasks of the Russian aerospace industry in the near future is to create internationally competitive national unmanned industry.

Industry of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Conference will was held for three days. It is one of the first major specialized conferences in Russia. Its purpose is to determine the direction of development of the UAS industry, focusing on the formation of the UAS markets and the conditions of functioning of the industry. Participation at the «Industry of unmanned aircraft systems” Conferencу was free.

The event is directed at representatives of federal and regional aviation and transport authorities, developers, manufacturers, industry experts, suppliers. All the UAV operators are welcomed as well.

The President approved the establishment of the state program to support the development of the promising sectors of Russia in October 2015. This program was named «National Technology Initiative» (NTI) and as one of the key markets the UAS industry was selected, designated as «AeroNet».

According to estimates done by the «AeroNet» Working Group, which consists of the industry experts, by 2035 not less than 100 000 different UAVs combined into a single network would operate in the Russian aerospace. Tens of thousand people would be involved in this industry.

«Industry of unmanned aircraft systems” Conference at the 9th International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia 2016, which is held under order of the Russian Government by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, allows UAS industry representatives to use a reputable site of the manned aircraft to discuss common issues of manned and unmanned aviation. Both areas share a common controlled airspace and to reach the synergy of their common development it is necessary to solve all the issues arising in the course of the use of aircrafts.

On May 20 a plenary session «The Present and Future of the UAS Industry» will be held. It will focus on the current state of the UAS industry, will forecast its development, questions of effective functioning of the Russian UAS legislation will be discussed. All of this conducts to the growth of companies and organizations involved in the development, production and use of the UAS.  It also aims at the problems of legal and technical support and investment attractiveness of the UAS market.

Several round tables are scheduled for May 20. «Unmanned aircraft — consumer market segments» will discuss the UAV use in monitoring and remote probing, search and rescue, for transport of goods, in agriculture, as well as in various other purposes (photo, video, sports, security, telecommunications, communication, etc.).

The next round table, «UAS and manned aircraft — the opposition or the single system?», will discuss the principles for the regulation of access to airspace, frequency bands and standards for data exchange, as well as questions of unification of public infrastructure.

On May 21 the UAS enthusiasts and aeromodellers will gather at the event.

The results of the conference turned out a big success. It involved several key presentations and many specialists joined the conference. In 2017 the 2nd UAS Conference is scheldued to take place at HeliRussia 2017, which will be held from 25 to 27 May.


 Conference’s overview:

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20 May, Friday


«The present and the future of the unmanned aircraft industry»


«Unmanned aircraft — consumer market segments»


«UAS and manned aircraft — the opposition or the single system?»

21 May, Saturday

Drone Racing 


Gathering of UAV and model aircraft enthusiasts


Master classes on UAV assembly


UAV & model aircraft demonstration flights 


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